25 Dumbest Movies Of All Time

Amazing movies (however you define that) are rare. Good, decent, “well I was entertained for a few hours” motion pictures are pretty common, as are films that we like but understand are probably not great works of art. Generally meh or bad movies are also pretty common if you check the $3 DVD bin at WalMart. Then there are movies so bad that you walk away unable to focus on other things or able to form a coherent sentence other than, “What? Why? Can I have that time back?” Sometimes even days after, you’ll remember how horrible a film was and get a little mad or disappointed in yourself that you watched all of it, or that in a world with so many people needing money, so much money was spent on THAT horrible film. To help you know what to avoid, or to watch as punishment when you’ve done something horrible, here are 25 Dumbest Movies Of All Time.


The Black Gestapo (1975)

black gestapo posterSource: https://www.rottentomatoes.com

The fact that a film named The Black Gestapo (1975) was made just makes us upset on several different levels. An ill advised entry into the blaxplotation genre (arguably an ill advised genre of film), it starts out with a group of black crime fighters ridding their neighborhood of white hoodlums, but then they start castrating and throwing them out of windows, and THEN they start goose stepping and wearing swastikas. Just skip this one.


Catwoman (2004)

catwoman-movieSource: http://www.denofgeek.com/

In 2004, Hallie Berry was one of the sexiest and most successful actresses alive. Then Catwoman was released, and we questioned everything. It should have been amazing; it had a budget of $100 million but only made $84 million total at the box office. All of it is unpleasant.


Jack and Jill (2011)

jackandjillSource: http://entertainment.time.com/

Jack and Jill is a movie where Adam Sandler plays both of the lead characters. One, a man and the other a woman. The entire basis of the film is Adam Sandler dressed in drag playing his own sister. After you watch it, you’re just kind of left wondering if maybe a giant meteor wiping out the species that created this would really be such a horrible thing.


Glitter (2001)

glitterSource: http://www.newsday.com/

Glitter (2001) was Mariah Carey’s entry into major motion pictures. It’s kind of hard to know where to start with the cringe – the cliche over-played plot about a girl who gets everything she ever wants because a hot guy really really believed in her, or said hot guy’s HORRIBLE fake New York accent, or his inability to cover his torso and upper arms at the same time. It was like watching a bad romance novel without an editor come to life.


The Star Wars Holiday Special (1978)

swhsSource: http://www.starwarsholidayspecial.com/

The Star Wars Holiday Special isn’t technically a movie. It’s, well, a Holiday Special. But listening to Chewbacca’s family talk to each other in Wookie, without subtitles, for over ten minutes, might cause brain damage, but in case it didn’t, you get to watch Chewbacca’s wife, Mala, watch a cooking show and make Life Day Dinner. It aired exactly once, in 1978, and then never again. Lucas actually declared it non-canonical and tried to have every tape destroyed, but, well, The Internet means nothing recorded is ever truly gone. It does contain a clearly not sober Carrie Fisher clinging to Chewbacca singing about life day, which is the only vaguely holiday thing about the movie.

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