25 Dumbest Criminals Ever Caught

As they say, the smart criminals go into politics and business. The rest? They go to jail. Well, today we’re going to meet some of the world’s dumbest robbers and see how they pulled off the funniest crimes ever. These are the world’s dumbest criminal stories committed by the 25 dumbest criminals ever caught.

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Ruben Zarate

call backSource: nscontent.news-sentinel.com

In 2008, Ruben walked into a muffler shop with the intent of robbing it. Unfortunately for Ruben, only the manager (who wasn’t there at the time) could open the safe. So Ruben, being the canny criminal that he is, left his phone number with the employee and instructed him to call when the manager came back. The employee then called the police. They instructed the employee to call Ruben and tell him the manager had returned. Poor Ruben was in for a surprise!


David Zurfluh

policeSource: albertalocalnews.com

Although he wasn’t a robber or a thief, 18-year-old David was caught by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in the town of Stettler for drunk driving. While sitting in the back of the patrol car, he apparently tried to eat his underwear. He thought it would absorb the alcohol in his stomach and allow him to pass the breathalyzer test.


Mohammad Ashan

militarySource: bbc

Mohammad Ashan was a Taliban commander in Afghanistan. That is, until he turned himself in to collect the $100 reward that was being offered for his capture. Apparently the Taliban doesn’t pay very well at all!


The Derbyshire Dozen

beer bottlesSource: telegraph.co.uk

Well, it was actually more than a dozen. It was 19 criminals in all. So what happened you ask? These British criminals tried to evade the law for various crimes, so the Derbyshire police came up with an interesting plan. Undercover police sent the criminals messages telling them they won free beer. Unable to resist, they showed up at the “pick up spot” to find police officers instead of beer cans.


Frank E. Blake Jr.

wedding ringsSource: richmond.com

When Frank’s second and third wives both showed up to visit him a Virginia jail, police realized that he hadn’t divorced his second wife before marrying his 3rd wife. They then realized that he hadn’t divorced his 1st wife either. Frank’s polygamy ended up adding some time to his sentence.

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