25 Dumb Reasons People Have Called 911

Although 911 is meant to be for emergencies, dumb 911 calls happen quite often. Today you’re going to hear about some of the funniest 911 calls ever recorded. To be honest, this list might make you feel a little bit better about yourself. These are 25 Dumb Reasons People Have Called 911!

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Fix my sandwich!

sandwichSource: usatoday.com

In 2012, Rother McLennon of Connecticut called 911 after a deli messed up his order. The extremely patient dispatcher told him that if he doesn’t like the sandwich, he should just leave the shop.


Fire Curtains

curtainSource: theworldlink.com

When Elaine Owens saw a fire in her bathroom, she called 911. The fire department showed up to discover that the “flames” were just sunlight reflecting off the shower curtain.


Another Sandwich Order Gone Wrong

sandwichSource: usatoday.com

Rother wasn’t the only one having trouble with his sandwich. Reginald Peterson of Jacksonville, Florida called police when Subway employees left off his sauce. He then called back to complain that officers weren’t responding fast enough.


Joe McCain

trafficSource: time.com

In 2008, John McCain’s younger brother called 911 to complain about traffic. The dispatcher told him he couldn’t call for non-emergency reasons, to which Joe responded “f### you” and hung up. The dispatcher called back and reached the voicemail of Joe McCain that stated “Sorry I cannot take your call right now. I am busy with a family political project” (his brother was running for president). The dispatcher left a message telling him that what he did is prosecutable. So Joe did what any lovable politician would do…he called 911 back to complain about the message.


It's the moon!

moonSource: theweek.com

In 2011, a British man in Canterbury dialed 999 (British emergency number) to report a massive light source above his house. The dispatcher told him that she would look into it, but the man called back 2 minutes later saying, “You won’t believe this…it’s the moon!”

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