25 Dizzying Facts About Planet Saturn

Saturn is often called the most beautiful planet in the solar system, but we understand that it’s a matter of taste. Regardless of one’s preference, we can agree that Saturn stands out from the rest of the planets.

Thanks to its impressive rings and immense size, many consider Saturn one of the most fascinating planets in the solar system. But what makes Saturn such an interesting and outstanding place? It can’t be just its rings, right?

If you want to know more about this amazing planet, read these 25 Dizzying Facts About Planet Saturn. You will find yourself at least 100% wiser by the time you reach the end of the article.

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Named after Kronos

Kronos (2)https://www.universetoday.com/24116/name-of-saturn/

Like all of the planets, Saturn is named after a Greek deity. Saturn is named after Saturnus, the god of agriculture and harvest.

Saturn, in the Roman religion, is equivalent to the ancient Greek titan Kronos, who is famous for eating his own children and for being the father of the mighty Zeus.


Second Largest Planet


Saturn is the second-largest in the solar system, after Jupiter. To get an idea of how big Saturn is, scientists estimate that about 764 planets the size of Earth could fit into Saturn!

For the fans of numbers: the equatorial diameter of Saturn is 120,536 km; that’s about 9.5 times bigger than the diameter of the Earth. The surface area of Saturn is 83 times the area of Earth, and the volume is 764 times the volume of Earth.


It's a "Naked Eye" Planet


Saturn is among the so-called team of the “naked eye” planets, along with Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Jupiter.

Why are they called this? Because they are visible from earth with a naked eye, without the need for a telescope.


Far from the Sun

Saturn is the sixth planet from the sun. But how does this translates in actual distance? Well, Saturn’s distance from the sun is about ten times farther than our planet is from the sun, roughly one billion miles.
As a result of this huge distance, Saturn shines only by reflecting the light of the sun.

Galileo Thought Saturn's Rings Were Moons


Galileo Galilei was the first man to observe Saturn with a telescope in 1610. Because of the primitive technology and design of telescopes back then, the famous scientist couldn’t really understand what the famous rings of the planet were.

He first thought that Saturn had two gigantic moons around it. After observing it again with a newer telescope in 1616, he concluded that Saturn was a really “weird” planet with arms or handles.

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