25 DIY College Life Hacks

The years leading up to true adulthood are some of the most critical years in a person’s life. It’s during this period when you truly start to figure out who you are.

For many teens, graduating high school not only marks the end of a school era but an end to childhood as well. For most young adults, going to college will be the first time they left home for an extended period of time.

This life-changing experience will test everything they know, all the way down to their core values and beliefs.  

As exciting as living on your own may sound, it can be quite terrifying at times. It’s almost like you turn into a full-blown adult overnight. Things you didn’t know you had to worry about (like saving money, cooking dinner, and living a healthy life) now seem like a full-time job.

Luckily, there are quite a few college hacks that can save you time, money, stress, and multiple headaches. If you find this list helpful, please feel free to SHARE it with your high school pals and college classmates. 

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Laptop Lock


Many of the people you will meet in college will be nice and genuine … but that doesn’t mean you should trust everyone.

Always stay aware of your surroundings no matter how well you think you may know someone. Buying a Lock and Security Cable is just an extra precaution to keep your valuables safe.

They range anywhere from $10 to $25 and are typically easy to install.


Take the Stairs


The freshman fifteen is not an urban legend. In fact, it’s very likely for college freshmen to gain anywhere between five and fifteen pounds during their first year.

This happens because students are eating later at night and they have more access to unhealthy food options.

The single choice of taking the stairs instead of the elevator will force you to stay active. Also, staying aware of what you eat can help you save money in the long run.


Sleep Mask and Earplugs

Ear Plugshttps://samanthability.com/25-college-hacks-for-back-to-school/

One of the hardest parts about leaving for college is learning how to live with another person.

If you are lucky, you get paired with a roommate who is respectful and considerate. However, there have been more times than not when that isn’t the case.

Investing in a good pair of earplugs and a sleeping mask will help you tune out the inevitable extra decibels of living in a dorm.

Even if your roommate does respect your sleep schedule, preparing with the right sleeping materials will help you get a good night’s rest.


Rate My Professor

Rate my Professor https://www.ratemyprofessors.com/

You will learn over time that some professors are much stricter than others. You can use Rate My Professor as a great tool to help you pick classes and professors.

The website allows students to leave a review of what they thought about the course and the teacher. You can see what grade the student earned, if the course goes heavy on the reading and writing, or if the professor offers extra credit or grade curves.


Quizlet App


Drop what you’re doing and download the Quizlet application now!

Quizlet is a mobile and web-based studying tool that can save your life … or at least improve your grades. It provides pre-made flashcards for certain courses, learning tools, games, and study guides.

More than fifty percent of university students in the United States are using this application. What does this mean? At least one of your courses is bound to be on the application.

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