25 Disturbing Truths About the Holocaust You May Not Know

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The **Holocaust** stands as one of the most tragic times in history, leaving behind a deep sorrow that words often fail to capture. In *1938*, during the **Evian Conference** in France, **Hitler** offered to release all the “Jewish criminals” to any country willing to take them. Shockingly, countries like the *US, Britain,* and *Canada* refused. The **Dominican Republic** was the only nation that offered refuge, agreeing to accept 100,000 people. This lack of action led Hitler to proceed with his horrendous “final solution” – total extermination. Here are 25 shocking facts you probably didn’t know about the Holocaust.

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About 1/3 of all Jewish people in the world were murdered during the Holocaust

holocaust survivorsSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Over 1 million of them were children

Jewish orphansSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

In 1945, Eisenhower predicted that people would try to deny the holocaust so he urged the press to come and document it

U.S. President EisenhowerSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Hitler planned to collect thousands of Jewish artifacts and build a "museum of an extinct race" when the war was over

reichstagSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Known as the Leica Freedom Train, Ernst Leitz II of the Leica Camera company relocated many of his Jewish employees before Nazi Germany closed its borders

leicaSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Hitler never visited any concentration camps

Dead bodies at a concentration campSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Denying the holocaust is considered a crime in 17 nations, including Austria and Germany

gavelSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Jewish boxer Salamo Arouch was imprisoned in Auschwitz and forced to fight other prisoners. Losers were executed. He survived for 2 years until the Allies liberated the camp.

boxingSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Two Polish doctors saved 8,000 Jews by faking an epidemic of typhoid. It prevented the Nazis from entering their town.

do not enterSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

The first concentration camp, Dachau, was opened 6 years prior to the start of World War II and mostly housed political prisoners

concentration camp DachauSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

99% of Denmark's Jews survived the Holocaust because the country successfully evacuated them to neutral Sweden

Denmark documentSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

During the Évian Conference, Hitler gave the rest of the world, including the UK and the United States the option of receiving the "Jewish criminals". The offer was rejected, so Hitler implemented his "final solution" - extermination.

jews being escortedSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

The company that created Zyklon B, the gas that was used to kill millions of Jews, still exists today as a pest control company. Its managing partners at the time, however, were convicted and hanged following the war.

Zyklon BSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

The Nokmim, or The Avengers, were a group of partisan Jews who took it upon themselves to go about secretly executing former Nazis

NokmimSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

One of their plans even involved a "reverse holocaust" which consisted of poisoning the German water supply. This plan, however, was foiled by the British.

water tapSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Nearly 200 former Gestapo officers were employed by the BND (German intelligence agency) following the war

BND (German intelligence agency)Source: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Helena Citronova, a Slovakian inmate at Auschwitz fell in love with Franz Wunsch, a guard. Franz saved her life several times by giving her jobs sorting the clothes of those sent to the gas chambers.

auschwitzSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

During WW II, a Japanese consul named Chiune Sugihara saved 6,000 Jews by writing them all visas to Japan, even after the Japanese government told him not to

Japanese consul Chiune SugiharaSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

The slave labor at Auschwitz generated roughly 60 million Reichmarks, or about 200 million dollars.

reichmarkSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Anne Frank died only weeks before her concentration camp was liberated by Allied troops

Anne FrankSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

A Polish soldier named Witold Pilecki was voluntarily imprisoned in Auschwitz in order to gather information

Polish soldier witold pileckiSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Jewish children were a prime target of the Nazis for extermination. This was because the regime did not want them to grow up into "threats"

jewish childrenSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Nazi doctor Josef Mengele (known as the Angel of Death) did numerous "operations" on these children. In one of them, he tried to create siamese twins by sewing two children together

Nazi doctor josef mengeleSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

At Treblinka, nearly 1 million people were exterminated by a staff of only 150 people

treblinkaSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

In all, the Holocaust led to the deaths of nearly 11 million people

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