25 Disturbing Pictures From The Island Of The Dolls That Will Show You How Creepy Toys Can Really Be

If you want to see what many people consider the scariest place on Earth, you must go to Mexico. There, just a few miles south of Mexico City, between the canals of Xochimilco borough, you will find a small artificial island called “Isla de las Munecas“ – The Island of the Dolls. Yes, its the dolls that have made the island one of the scariest and most haunted place in the world. You don’t believe that something as peaceful and innocent as a baby’s toy can create such a dark and terrifying tourist attraction, right? Well, then check out these 25 pictures…


The island was once property of a farmer named Julian Santana Barrera, a native of the La Asunción neighborhood.

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The Island of the Dolls is one of local “chinampas” – artificial islands invented by the pre-Hispanic peoples of the region around 1,000 year ago as a way to increase agricultural production.

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According to the story, Julian found a little girl drowned in the canal. To appease her spirit that started to haunt him, he began collecting dolls for the dead girl.

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He bought them as well as gathered them from trash heaps and hung them around the island.

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He did not clean up the dolls or attempt to fix them, he just hung them on the trees as they were, often with missing eyes or limbs.

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