25 Dining Taboos From All Over The World That You Should Remember

From asking for extra cheese in Italy to leaving food on your plate in France here are 25 dining taboos from all over the world that you should remember.

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In Russia empty bottles of vodka should always be placed on the ground. Putting it back on the table is seen as bad luck

dining taboos

In Japan you should never pass food with chopsticks. They are used to pass bones at cremation funerals and using them to pass is considered disrespectful

dining taboos


In the UK you should always tilt a bowl of soup away from you. You should spoon the soup away from you as well.

dining taboos

In Russia never lick food off your knife. It is considered extremely rude

dining taboos


In China you should never cut your noodles. Long noodles symbolize long life and cutting your noodles symbolizes, well...short life

dining taboos

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