25 Dead People Who Came Back To Life

Have you ever what happens when you die? Or what death feels like? Today we’re going to take a look at the stories of some people that could actually tell us the answer because they’ve been through it. Get ready because these are 25 Dead People Who Came Back To Life!

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Daphne Banks

morgueSource: independent.co.uk

In 1996, British woman Daphne Banks was declared dead, and her body was prepared for a post-mortem exam. It just so happened that one of her former friends who was on staff noticed a slight rise and fall in her chest. Upon closer examination, it was determined that Daphne was actually alive. She had just barely avoided being locked in the refrigerator!


Zack Clements

trackSource: cnn.com

Zack, an athletic Texas teen who collapsed after a run was eventually brought back to life by emergency workers. The most interesting part, however, is his description of being dead. He apparently reported having seen a big hairy man who told him everything would be ok.


Erica Nigrelli

birthSource: cbsnews.com

Erica was 36 weeks pregnant when she collapsed in the middle of teaching her English class. She was rushed to the hospital and doctors delivered her baby via c-section. Her husband was told that his wife had delivered their daughter post-mortem. However, to everyone’s surprise, Erica’s heart started beating again following the delivery! The whole family got to leave the hospital together.


Tony Yahle

heart rateSource: cbsnews.com

A resident of West Carrollton, Ohio, Tony didn’t have a heartbeat for 45 minutes when he came back to life. Dr. Raja Nazir, the cardiologist at the hospital, said he had never seen anything like it in 20 years.


Tony Cicoria

lightningSource: cnn.com

A surgeon in upstate New York, Tony died when he was struck by lightning. He was brought back, however, by medical personnel at the hospital. The most interesting part? He now has an “unusual affinity” for music. Although he previously had little interest in it, these days he spends lots of time composing and writing.

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