25 Dangerous Airports That Might Just Keep You From Traveling

Are you aware of the world’s most dangerous airports? Have you flown to any of them? While we all know that statistically, flying is by far the safest, fastest and most reliable way of traveling, many of us still suffer from a terrible fear of moving through the sky on a 200 ton metal contraption (give or take a few tons). Sadly these airports do not alleviate those fears at all! If you are one of those people who start to sweat before every take-off, or worse, tremble at the mere mention of an airplane, you will definitely want to avoid traveling to/from the airports featured in this post. Conversely, if you are a total thrill seeker and are looking for your next adventure, by all means, book the next flight. We have to hand it to the pilots who fly in and out of these treacherous locations on a day to day basis because they must have some massive jewels to deal with these landing strips. From a New Zealand airport whose main runway is crossed by a railway to a Tibetan airport perched high up in the Himalayas, these are 25 Dangerous Airports That Might Just Keep You From Traveling.

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Qamdo Bamda Airport, China

Tibet AirlinesSource: en.wikipedia.org, image: Wikipedia.org

Also known as Changdu Bangda Airport, the Qamdo Bamda Airport is an airport serving Qamdo, the third largest city in Tibet. Located at an incredible height of 4,334 m (14,219 ft), it used to be the world´s highest airport until 2013. The extreme altitude can make passengers feel dizzy and even the planes´ engines may not perform as well as they usually do.


Paro Airport, Bhutan

Paro AirportSource and image: en.wikipedia.org

Another airport found high up in the Himalayas, the Paro Airport is the only international airport in Bhutan. With surrounding peaks as high as 5,500 meters (18,000 feet), the Paro Airport is considered one of the world’s most challenging airports.  In fact, only a few pilots in the world have been certified to land at this airport.


Tufi Airport, Papua New Guinea

Tufi AirportSource: en.wikipedia.org, image: commons.wikimedia.org

Serving Tufi, a coastal town located on the peninsula of Cape Nelson in Oro Province, Papua New Guinea, the Tufi Airport is a little airport operated by PNG Airlines. Currently featuring just a short dirt runway, the airport has ambitions to become an international airport connecting Papua New Guinea with Australia.


Agatti Aerodrome, India

Agatti AerodromeSource: en.wikipedia.org, image: commons.wikimedia.org

Located on the southern end of the Agatti Island some 460 km (285 mi) off the west coast of India, the Agatti Aerodrome is the only airport on the archipelago. Surrounded by the Indian Ocean’s crystal clear waters, it has just one tiny asphalt runway which can be a nightmarish experience for even the most practiced pilots.


Sandane Airport, Norway

Sandane AirportSource and image: en.wikipedia.org

Wedged between two massive fjords, the Sandane Airport is a regional airport serving the town of Sandane in Norway. Apart from the unfavorable geographical location, planes using this airport have to deal with gusty winds and severe turbulences, which makes the Sandane Airport one of the most feared airports in Europe.

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