25 Cutting Edge Technologies That Will Change The World

Posted by , Updated on August 24, 2014

Just by looking at where we are today, we can already see how powerful technology has been in shaping our world. Through the years, scientists have introduced cutting-edge technologies intended to make life a lot more convenient for humans. Technological advancements happen so fast that people’s current way of life always seems out of date relative to these advancements. The introduction of new-fangled pieces of knowledge especially in the fields of medicine and information technology has radically altered this world in so many ways, and this becomes even more evident in the continuous development of forward-looking devices and systems that people before never knew could exist. Here is a list of 25 cutting edge technologies that will change the world:



Nanotechnology refers to the manipulation of materials in the atomic and molecular levels for revolutionizing computing, not just by making the process faster but also by making computing devices a lot smaller. Scientists believe that devices as small as cells may someday navigate through the human body to serve as artificial immune systems.


Neural Interfaces

Neural Interfaceswww.wired.com

The idea behind this technology is providing humans with the ability to hook their brains directly into the internet. The giant leap into the realm of wetware recently became possible after a bionic eye got the approval of FDA. Neural interfaces involves brain wave mapping, which refers to the process of controlling remote robotics directly from neural impulses.


Engineered Stem Cells

Engineered Stem Cellswww.sciencedaily.com

James Thomson of the University of Wisconsin Cellular Dynamics Center first pioneered engineered stem cells. The aim of engineered stem cells is to revolutionize the way medical practitioners screen drugs and study disease. With the help of cells from patients with various diseases, any infirmity can now be cured.


Self-Diagnostic Medicine

Self-Diagnostic Medicinemashable.com

Self-diagnostic medicine is a technology that will soon provide an effective alternative to medical consultations. Recently developed Web MD is an example of this technology, wherein diagnostic hardware becomes available in the comfort of people’s homes.


Quantum Teleportation

Quantum Teleportationtng.trekcore.com

Quantum teleportation refers to the direct transfer of a quantum state from one location to another, making possible the out of the ordinary phenomenon dubbed as “entanglement”. This phenomenon is the link that exists between certain particles even when they are separated by space. Quantum teleportation will soon revolutionize the speed of communication.

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