25 Curious Statistics That Will Mess With Your View Of The World

We all know that statistics can lie. And these days what with fake news and all, checking your stats can be a full time job. But, just because something sounds crazy, doesn’t mean it’s not true. Today we’re going to go through some data points that might make your head spin. Here are 25 curious statistics that will mess with your view of the world.

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There are more people in Bangladesh (156 million) than in Russia (143 million)

Russia/BangladeshSource: geohive.com

Of all the mammal species on Earth, 20% of them are bats (a little over 5,000 total mammal species and about 1,000 bat species)

batsSource: scientificamerican.com

A neutron star is so dense that if you dropped a gummy bear from 1 meter above the surface, it would slam into the ground with the force of a thousand nuclear bombs

gummy bearsSource: kurzgesagt.org

If you head in any cardinal direction from the town of Los Algodones, Mexico (north, south, east, west) then you will end up in the United States.

Los algodonesMap data ©2017 Google

If the Sun all of a sudden exploded into a supernova, it would be a billion times brighter than a hydrogen bomb exploding right in front of your face

nuclearSource: what-if.xkcd.com

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