25 Curious Facts About Oxytocin That You’ll Love

St. Valentine’s Day is here, and we decided to prepare a special post for you, dedicated to what is colloquially known as “the love hormone,” “the cuddle hormone,” or “the trust hormone.” All of these nicknames refer to one human peptide hormone scientifically known as oxytocin. Some functions of this remarkable hormone are quite well-known, but there are many interesting facts about oxytocin that you have probably never heard of. To find out more about the love hormone, check out these 25 Curious Facts About Oxytocin That You’ll Love.


Oxytocin was the first hormone to be isolated and synthesized.

microscopeSource: natalhypnotherapy.co.uk, image: commons.wikimedia.org (public domain)

Oxytocin helps wound healing. It plays a key role in so called angiogenesis, which is the growth of blood vessels or re-growth of them after an injury.

woundSource: http://drdavidhamilton.com, image: pixabay.com (public domain)


It has been found out that oxytocin has some of the same effects as alcohol. It can, for example, fuel aggression. British researchers say some similarities between oxytocin and alcohol are striking.

drinking alcoholSource: http://www.dailymail.co.uk, image: pixabay.com (public domain)

Studies have shown oxytocin may be effective in treating debilitating shyness, social anxieties, mood disorders, and even post traumatic stress syndrome.

sad girlSource: http://io9.gizmodo.com, image: www.pexels.com (public domain)


Prolactin, the milk-making hormone, is dependent on oxytocin for its production. The levels of these two hormones are strongly correlated during breastfeeding.

breastfeedingSource: bellybelly.com.au, image: shutterstock

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