25 Curious Facts About Oxytocin That You’ll Love

St. Valentine’s Day is here, and we decided to prepare a special post for you, dedicated to what is colloquially known as “the love hormone,” “the cuddle hormone,” or “the trust hormone.” All of these nicknames refer to one human peptide hormone scientifically known as oxytocin. Some functions of this remarkable hormone are quite well-known, but there are many interesting facts about oxytocin that you have probably never heard of. To find out more about the love hormone, check out these 25 Curious Facts About Oxytocin That You’ll Love.


Discovered in 1952, oxytocin is a relatively small peptide hormone, composed of only 9 amino acids.

OxytocinSource: encyclopedia.com, image: commons.wikimedia.org (public domain by author)

Produced by the para-ventricular nucleus of the hypothalamus and released by the posterior pituitary, oxytocin helps mothers with birth, bonding with the baby, and milk production.

new born babySource: Human Biology and Human Evolutionary Biology via Wikipedia

Oxytocin is produced in all mammals in exactly the same chemical composition as it is humans.

Dog Sled Sledding Mother Dog Puppies Sled Sled DogSource: mumanu.co.uk

It has been discovered that oxytocin inhibits the brain’s fear center as it can reduce the feeling of fear. The finding suggests oxytocin could be used to treat anxiety disorders in the future.

scared manSource: mentalfloss.com, image: pexels.com (public domain)

Oxytocin has been linked to autism, with one report suggesting that autism is at least partially caused by a deletion of a gene that receives oxytocin.

autismSource: www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov

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