25 Curious Facts About Cats Most People Might Not Know

As the most popular pet in the United States, the cat enjoys a certain level of fame as the ideal pet. (Of course, if you are a dog owner you might object!) Easy to care for, affectionate when they want to be, and super intelligent, the cat has made it’s way into millions of people’s hearts. But this lovable animal has its secrets. Some of its secrets are mere curiosities; others however, are a bit darker and more sinister. On today’s list we’re going to share with you 25 curious facts about cats that most people might not know. After this list, you might not see your lovable furry friend the same again.

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The most expensive domestic cat so far is an Asian Leopard cat – Domestic shorthair hybrid named Zeus. At 90% Asian leopard and 10% Domestic Shorthair, Zeus has an asking price of $154,000. However, there is concerns as to the legitimacy and reasoning behind such an asking price.

asian leopard catSource: theguardian.com, factretriever.com. Note: Pictured cat is not Zeus and is used as a visual representation.

Cat’s have a third eyelid called a “haw”.

Third Cat Eye Called HawSource: scientificamerican.com

Domestic cats have been documented to run at 30 mph. That’s about 3 mph faster then Usain Bolt. (Usain’s record is 27mph.)

cat runningSource: Buzzfeed.com

Black cats may be bad luck in the United States, but in the United Kingdom and Australia, they are actually good luck.

black catSource: Buzzfeed, cat-world.com.au, ancientsuperstitions.com

There are cats that have survived falls from over 32 stories onto concrete. In fact, the record holder for the longest non-fatal fall in the feline world is a cat which fell from the 46th floor of an apartment building and survived.

cat fallingSource: Factretriever.com, Moscow-pullman daily news

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