25 Curious Facts About Cannabis Most People Don’t Realize

Cannabis, colloquially known as marijuana and by numerous other names, is probably the most common but at the same time most controversial soft drug. While the opponents often argue against marijuana by stating it is the so called “gateway drug” which increases the probability of trying harder, more dangerous drugs, defenders point out its healing properties and claim it is not as habit-forming as people generally think. Whatever your attitude to this phenomenon is, check out these 25 curious facts about cannabis you might have not known.

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The earliest recorded uses of marijuana come from the 3rd millennium BC. Charred cannabis seeds dating back to that era were found in a ritual brazier at an ancient burial site in today Romania.

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Consumption of this drug has been also recorded in ancient China (2800 BC) and Egypt (950 BC). In both cases, the evidence was found in mummies.

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Marijuana’s use is not limited to drugs; its fibers can also be made into rope or fabric. Scientists suggest the iconic stones on the Easter Islands might have been moved with the help of such ropes.

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Researches indicate that 42% of Americans have tried marijuana at least once.

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An indoor grow module housing just 4 plants consumes as much electricity as almost 30 fridges.

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