25 Crowdfunding Requests That Are Remarkably Ridiculous

During the early days of the internet, crowdfunding really burst onto the scene. It has captured the universal human desire to help others in need and to pool funds together for a greater purpose. Whether it be GoFundMe, IndieGoGo, or Kickstarter, crowdfunding requests have helped raise important sums of money for people who otherwise would not be able to afford things such as life-saving surgeries and the opportunity to see a dying relative.

But, that’s not all that people try to crowdfund on these sites; a hefty amount of campaigns are for absolutely ridiculous and ludicrous crowdfunding requests. And we’re not talking about simple ridiculous things; we’re talking the most absolutely wild requests. Have you heard of the woman who tried crowdfunding a breast implant surgery? How about the student who wanted to raise ten bucks so he could get some McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets? Or maybe you’ve heard of the fundraiser to get Kanye West out of millions of dollars of debt? In this list, we’ve brought out some of the silliest, wackiest, and overall strangest and most bizarre things people have tried to raise money for by crowdfunding. Check them out here in our list of the 25 Crowdfunding Requests That Are Remarkably Ridiculous.

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The plot of the movie "The Martian" had Matt Damon left on Mars, abandoned to be dead. After overhearing the news, one fan wanted to make sure we could get the silver screen superstar back to Earth safely.

matt damon stuck on mars gofundmeSource & Image: GoFundMe

Kate Funk, Brennan Groh, and a black cat named AC have been making "The World's Most Super Amazing 100% Awesome Cat Calendar" for years. To get the calendar finished in time and to build the elaborate sets, they took to crowdfunding $3,500. They ended up raising over $25,000 and made hundreds of people happy with their very own super amazing cat calendar in return.

cat calendar kickstarterSource & Image: Kickstarter


Skip that morning coffee! With the caffeinated Power Energy Toothpaste, you'll receive a "rush while you brush" first thing in the morning.

power energy toothpaste indiegogoSource & Image: IndieGoGo

This girl wants help to cure her "insecurities" and "feel alive again" by crowdfunding a breast enlargement.

boob job gofundmeSource & Image: GoFundMe


One major Tim Tebow fan wanted to buy an NFL team to make the former Florida Gator its starting quarterback.

tim tebow gofundmeSource & Image: GoFundMe

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