25 Creepy Ways The NSA Spies On You

Do you like your privacy? Probably. Well, we hate to be the ones to break it to you…but privacy doesn’t exist. At least not anymore. And it’s unlikely to ever return. Why? Because everything you do is trackable. Of course, the National Security Agency (NSA) takes most of the heat for spying and invasion of privacy, but there are thousands of government and non-government groups in the world doing the same thing. Today we’re going to learn a little bit about 25 creepy ways the NSA spies on you and maybe understand more of the pros and cons.

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The PRISM program requires internet services like Facebook and Google to pass information on to the NSA. And yes, this includes emails. If you've ever heard the name Edward Snowden and wondered why he's a big deal, he was the guy who leaked detailed and classified information on this program, among others on this list.

social mediaSource: bbc.com

According to the Patriot Act, the US government is allowed to obtain business records that they deem relevant to terrorist investigations.

businessSource: nytimes.com

The government is allowed to gather information on every call made in the US, including the number dialed and even how long the call was.

phoneSource: nytimes.com

Think hacking computer systems is only a civilian operation? Okay, well most of you probably know better. Tailored Access Operations (TAO) is the NSA's hacking unit. It has developed numerous ways to break into various devices.

hackerSource: wired.com

TAO consists of over 1,000 military and civilian computer hackers as well as intelligence analysts, targeting specialists, computer and software designers, and engineers.

hackerSource: abcnews.go.com

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