25 Creepy Skeleton Coast Photos, A Place You Might Never Want To Visit

“Death would be preferable to banishment to such a country“. Allegedly, this is how Swedish explorer Charles John Andersson described the Skeleton Coast when he first saw it in 1859. This northern part of the Atlantic Ocean coast of Namibia ranks among the most feared and scary places on Earth and these 25 pictures will show you why.

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While some shipwrecks have almost disappeared because of the extreme weather conditions and salt water, others are still in perfect shape, seemingly ready to set out for their voyage.

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Namaqua chameleon is one of the animal species that managed to adapt to the harsh and dry Skeleton Coast landscape. The reptiles spend most of the time waiting for fog basking beetles to come out of their hiding places.

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Stretching over 310 miles on the western part of Namibia, the Skeleton Coast is littered with over a thousand of shipwrecks some of which have been laying there for centuries.

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Despite the extremely inhospitable conditions and dryness, the Skeleton Coast is home to surprisingly abundant wildlife including oryx, springbok, giraffes, baboons, lions or even special elephant species adapted to the harsh desert habitat.

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At every corner, there are reminders of someone´s tragic destiny. But it were not just sailors who met their end on the Skeleton Coast. This place also claimed lives of several pilots, including a Swiss a pilot Carl Neuer who got lost there in 1933.

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