25 Creepy Playgrounds That Will Scar Your Child For Life

A peaceful place is full of colorful slides, amusing sandboxes, funny attractions, and laughing kids. If this is your idea of a playground and you don’t want to have it ruined, you should stop reading…like right now. And don’t even think about looking at the following pictures.

Why? Because these 25 playgrounds are anything but a place you want your kids to play at. From slides themed with horror creatures to a sandbox equipped with hangman´s nooses, these 25 creepy playgrounds will scar your child for life. You have been warned.

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Creepy playgroundImage: www.sadanduseless.com
Creepy playgroundImage: smosh.com
Creepy playgroundImage: www.sliptalk.com
Creepy playgroundImage: www.sunnyskyz.com
Creepy playgroundImage: strangefarmer.com

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