25 Creepy Photos That Might Make You Believe In Life After Death

Introducing a scary list: 25 Creepy Photos That Might Make You Believe In Life After Death. Whether or not there really is something like the afterlife, is undoubtedly one of the greatest mysteries people have been trying to solve.

While we might never be able to answer this question, one thing is for sure. Ghosts, phantoms, apparitions and the supernatural in general have fascinated us for millennia and there are many people who do believe in these things.

In the past, ghosts were exclusively subject of legends, creepy stories and folk tales but these days, when cameras and modern technologies are massively used, ghosts are often alleged to be photographed and filmed.

Over the past decades, thousands of ghost photos have been taken, a vast majority of which have been soon or later proven to be fake. Yet, there are some eerie pictures that have not been debunked conclusively enough. Whether or not the images you are about to see in this post are really authentic, we might never know.

What we can tell you for sure though is that all of them look disturbingly compelling and scary. If you are ready to be confronted with stuff that might change your opinion on the existence of ghosts, check out these 25 Creepy Photos That Might Make You Believe In Life After Death.

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Waverly Hills Ghost

Waverly Hills GhostSource and image: www.scatterjaw.com

Taken at the Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Kentucky, this picture shows what is rumored to be a ghost of a nurse who committed suicide in Room 502. Legend says the nurse found out she was pregnant by the owner of the sanatorium without being married and had contracted tuberculosis, so she hanged herself with a light bulb wire outside her room. Now closed, the sanatorium is one of the most haunted hospitals in the US.


Coventry Spectre

Coventry SpectreSource and image: paranormal.about.com

In 1985, the Coventry Freeman organization were having a dinner event at St. Mary’s Guildhall in Coventry, U.K. Everyone in the group had her or his head bowed in prayer when this photo was taken – including a tall, mysterious monk-like figure standing top left. Lord Mayor Walter Brandish, who was present at the dinner, said there was no one at the event who was dressed like that.


Tea Room Ghost

Tea Room GhostSource and image: www.dailyrecord.co.uk

In 2012, a transparent apparition was caught on a security camera at the Curiositeaz Vintage Tea Room in Perth, Scotland. Dan Clifford, the owner of the tea room, said he and his staff had been experiencing bizarre things and hearing strange voices prior to the incident.


Farm Ghost

Farm GhostSource and image: www.thesun.co.uk

Designer Neil Sandbach accidentally caught this ghostly vision at the Tewin Bury Farm in Hertfordshire, Southern England, as a part of a photography project. Staff working at the farm later confirmed they had seen the figure of a boy dressed in white on several occasions.


Railroad Crossing Child Ghosts

Railroad Crossing Child GhostsSource and image: www.scaryforkids.com

This picture shows strange child-like apparitions at a railroad crossing in San Antonio, Texas. Allegedly, the crossing is haunted by ghosts of children who died there in a tragic accident in the 1940s. Since then, any car that stops at the crossing is believed to be pushed across the tracks to safety by the child ghosts.

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