25 Creepy Cool Facts About Krampus

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While American kids usually get their Christmas gifts no matter how good or bad they have been all year, their European counterparts have a good reason to behave themselves throughout the year. Traditionally, on December 6th, less than 3 weeks before Christmas, St. Nicholas visits families in many European countries and rewards kids who have been good. However, he does not come alone. He is accompanied by another fellow, a scary monster known as Krampus. As you might guess, Krampus’s duty is to take care of the bad kids. To find out more about this terrifying mythological figure and what he does to his victims, check out these 25 Creepy Cool Facts About Krampus.


Based on the mythological character of Krampus, an American comedy horror movie of the same name was directed by Michael Dougherty in 2015.

Krampus_posterSource: imdb.com

Krampus has been increasingly popular in the US in the recent years. Annual Krampus Night celebrations are held in some US cities including San Francisco, Dallas, and Portland.

Krampus NightSource: theguardian.com

Some psychologists claim that meeting Krampus can be as traumatic for a child as being robbed at night is for an adult. Therefore, parents should always consider the psychological condition of their kids before letting Krampus come to them.

Krampus Source: iprima.cz

The first attempt to abolish the Krampus myth occurred as early as in the 12th century as the Catholic Church wanted to get rid of Krampus because of his resemblance to the devil.

KrampusSource: germangirlinamerica.com

Despite its scary appearance and behavior, Krampus has become a profitable merchandize name. In some European countries, such as Czech Republic and Croatia, Krampus chocolate figures are very popular among children.

Krampus chocolateSource: idnes.cz

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