25 Creepy But Interesting Shots Of Forgotten Toys

One sad thing about toys is that when a person grows older, these objects are forgotten and abandoned. Oftentimes they are thrown in the trash, stuck in the attic, or stuffed inside a box and placed in storage. Nevertheless, these are all happy endings compared to the toys found in this list.Though they cannot speak nor utter words of sadness, these 25 creepy but interesting shots of forgotten toys carry a message that anyone can understand.

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Cari Ann Wayman

Cari Ann Waymaneanmilk.blogspot.com

Mario Klingeman

Mario Klingemanthewideangler.blogspot.com



The Giant Vermin

The Giant Verminacidcow.com

Daniele Pollice

Daniele Pollicethefabweb.com

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