25 Creepiest Websites You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

The internet can be quite a disturbing place. In fact, we don’t suggest visiting some of the sites on this list. Like…we really don’t suggest it. Alas, curious minds still want to know. Whether it’s the last words of airline pilots or people jumping off of bridges, you will find some of the most disturbing websites on the internet below. These are the 25 Creepiest Websites You Won’t Believe Actually Exist.

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Rate My Poo

Rate My PooSource: http://www.ratemypoo.com/

For those with high interest in poo, this is your site! You can post and rate people’s poo. There’s no blood and gore, but it’s still just kinda creepy. And gross.


World Births and Deaths

World Births And DeathsSource: http://worldbirthsanddeaths.com/

You can just watch people enter the world…and leave it.


Death Date

Death DateSource: http://deathdate.info/

Have you ever wondered when you would die? You answer some questions and this site tells you when. To make things even creepier, it also gives you some words allegedly related to your death (like war, alcohol, etc).


Best Gore

Best GoreSource: http://www.bestgore.com/

This shock site actually got its owner thrown in jail for violating Canada’s decency laws. Why? Apparently, it has been accused of showing real-life murders, particularly that of Lin Jun. Lin was a Chinese student in Montreal who was dismembered by Luka Magnotta. So yeah, it’s pretty messed up…


The Fifth Nail

The Fifth NailSource: http://5nchronicles.blogspot.com/

This is the blog of serial killer Joseph E. Duncan III as he sits on death row. You could probably have guessed that reading somebody’s last thoughts rates pretty highly on the creep-o-meter.


A Columbine Site

A Columbine SiteSource: http://www.acolumbinesite.com/

Re-living one of the worst school shootings in history can make even the most seasoned professional a little queasy, especially seeing the pleasure with which the killers ended their fellow students’ lives; it can bring new meaning to the word creepy.



973-eht-namuh-973Source: http://973-eht-namuh-973.com/coloured%20site/start/i_thought/1.htm

It’s not creepy in the “shock site” sort of way. Rather, it’s creepy in the “guy-who-scribbles-nonsense-on-his-desk-in-the-corner” kind of way. Seriously, the site is a bunch of creepy nonsense.



ZomboSource: http://www.zombo.com/

Apparently, you can do anything here; it’s just not entirely clear what that entails. And for those of you wondering why we would say that, as soon as you load the site, you can hear a voice telling you that anything is possible here. That’s confusingly creepy.


Hashima Island

Hashima IslandSource: http://hashima-island.co.uk/

You can tour Japan’s real life “forgotten island” and learn about its dark and creepy past. Why creepy? This island was a forced labor camp during World War II, so you can just imagine how disturbing some of the stories here must be.


The Encrypted Subreddit

The encrypted subredditSource: http://www.reddit.com/r/f04cb41f154db2f05a4a/

Nobody has been able to figure out what this subreddit is about. All the posts seem to be encrypted except for two posts. They say, “help,” and “please help us.”


Heaven's Gate

Heaven's GateSource: http://www.heavensgate.com/

Yes, the cult has a website. And in case you’re wondering which cult, it was the one that committed suicide in order to board an alien spacecraft that was allegedly following the Hale-Bopp comet. It’s like an extremely creepy time capsule.



JodiSource: http://wwwwwwwww.jodi.org/

If you view the source of this page, it’s the diagram of a nuclear bomb. Congrats, you now have your own personal representative at the NSA!


Executed Offenders in Texas

Executed offenders in TexasSource: http://www.tdcj.state.tx.us/death_row/dr_executed_offenders.html

This webpage lists the last words of all inmates executed in Texas. And as controversial as the death penalty is, it’s probably a good thing that the government is being transparent. But seriously, it almost makes it seem like a public execution or something. It’s creepy in a nauseating way.


Live Leak

Live LeakSource: liveleak.com

The successor website to the massively brutal shock site ogrish.com, live leak hosts some of the most disturbing videos on the internet. That’s right, we don’t even want to describe it as creepy because watching somebody be murdered in cold blood is far beyond that. It’s inhuman.



yyyyyyySource: http://www.yyyyyyy.info/

This is possibly one of the strangest websites you’ll ever visit. But once again, it’s not creepy in the way the last website was. It’s creepy because it’s completely nonsensical. Kind of like being lost in a schizophrenic’s head.



99roomsSource: http://cdn.99rooms.com/99rooms.html

Make your way through 99 rooms by pointing and clicking. It sounds benign, but a combination of “this-game-is-weird” and some really spooky sounds raise the creep level quite a bit.


Cannibal Forums

Cannibal forumsSource: bbc.com

It’s not really a website so much as it is a series of websites and forums. And yes, they are dedicated to actual cannibals. Sometimes cannibals even advertise for victims (and people actually respond). It’s extremely disturbing stuff.


Super Bad

Super BadSource: http://www.superbad.com/

Do you enjoy mazes, art, and bizarre? This is probably the deepest and creepiest rabbit hole on the internet. You can’t help but wonder…what kind of twisted mind would create something like this? There are no links back to the main page, and there doesn’t really seem to be a way out.


Sentimental Corp

Sentimental CorpSource: http://www.sentimentalcorp.org/

This website is jam-packed with strangeness. Unlike some of the other “strangely creepy” websites though, this one takes things to a whole new level with genuinely creepy warnings about subliminal messages and really creepy imagery. You can’t help but wonder if you’re going crazy…


Last Words.....

Last Words.....Source: planecrashinfo.com

This page contains the voice recordings from planes as they are crashing. And just like with the inmates, it takes you to a surreally creepy place when you’re listening to somebody’s last words immortalized on the internet. You can almost feel the weight of the silence when the shouting stops.


Run the Gauntlet

Run The GauntletSource: http://runthegauntlet.org

You basically end up watching progressively more disturbing videos. But let us attach a disclaimer here – these videos are beyond creepy. They could potentially give you nightmares or cause psychological issues. They start off with broken bones and end with people being hacked to death. So really…know your limits. Creepiness is too weak of a word to describe this website.


Stillborn Angels

Stillborn AngelsSource: stillborn-angels.memory-of.com

This website is dedicated to the families of stillborn children. It even has a photo page with images of the deceased babies dressed looking like they are sleeping quietly. It can be pretty depressing…


White Enamel

White EnamelSource: http://www.whiteenamel.com/

Insane asylums are pretty much the definition of creepy right? Well this website lets you take a virtual tour of the crazy house. It’s somewhat interesting, but it comes with a pretty high creep factor.


Skyway Bridge

Skyway BridgeSource: http://www.skywaybridge.com/

The Sunshine Skyway in Tampa, Florida is known as a suicide spot for people wanting to end their lives. This website documents the jumps. Perhaps the creepiest thing about it, though, is the speed and accuracy with which it is updated. It takes a twisted to mind to monitor this kind of stuff.



rottenSource: http://rotten.com/

By now, you should be well acquainted with shock sites. They show you blood, guts, and gore. So when we say that this was the original shock site, it should be sufficient to raise your creepy alarm. And as with all the other sites on our list, enter at your own risk.

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