25 Creepiest Things Kids Have Ever Said

Posted by , Updated on October 9, 2017


Have you ever listened to kids talk? They can say some pretty strange stuff. In fact, sometimes it can be downright creepy. Today we’re going to listen in as some random people on the internet tell us what sort of weird things their children say. What would you do if your child said any of these things? These are the 25 creepiest things kids have ever said.

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"Go back to sleep. There isn't anything under your bed." "He's behind you now."

man sitting in dark roomSource: toasted cheesee via reddit

"Mummy when you were sleeping, I woke up and there was a ghost with no face standing over you touching your arm; it was taking your dreams out of your body with its mouth."

blanketSource: Charella1216 via reddit

“I think I want to be a fighter pilot, or maybe a funeral worker like daddy.” (daddy is a software engineer)

nerdSource: pjdavis via reddit

I'm a kindergarten teacher. One of my kids told me, "I was going to have a little brother, but my mom killed him while he was still in her tummy by working too hard."

aloneSource: chibakenko via reddit

To grandma - "I like this mummy better than my last mummy. My last mummy locked me in a room, and I drank some paint and died.”

paintSource: Cyprah via reddit

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