25 Creepiest Serial Killers That Shocked Society

History has seen its fair share of some of the creepiest serial killers. These people have done some of the most gruesome things imaginable which might be difficult for some people to handle. Why did these killers kill innocent people? (some of them even children) Most point to mental illness. However, some of these serial killers were almost as normal as you and I. It goes to show that you really don’t know what someone else is capable of. These are 25 Creepiest Serial Killers That Shocked Society.

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Anatoly Onoprienko

Anatoly OnoprienkoSource: huffingtonpost.com; independent.co.uk

Anatoly was known by several nicknames, primarily “The Butcher of Ukraine,” “Terminator,” and “Citizen O.” He traveled across Europe killing people as he went. His total number of victims is unknown, but he has confessed to killing 52 people. He has also stated that “he was a superior human specimen chosen…to kill his fellow human beings.”


Charles Edmund Cullen

Charles Edmund CullenSource: heraldsun.com.au; murderpedia.org; ranker.com; criminalminds.wikia.com; nytimes.com; thedailybeast.com

Labeled the “Angel of Death,” Charles was a nurse who killed his patients with un-prescribed medication. Over the course of his 16-year career as a night nurse, he claimed the lives of at least 40 people, though authorities believe he could have killed more…many more. Cullen had had a troubled childhood. He had been described as a “weedy, pale kid…” who was “intelligent but odd.” As such, he was picked on by other kids, leading him to attempted suicide. He was given multiple life sentences.


Ahmad Suradji

Ahmad-SuradjiSource: theguardian.com; telegraph.co.uk

A cattle breeder in Indonesia, Ahmad Suradji (also known as the “Black Magic Killer”) killed 42 girls and buried them waist deep in a field with their heads all facing his house. Apparently, he believed this would give him special powers. Suradji was executed on July 2008 via firing squad.


Patrick Wayne Kearney

Patrick Wayne KearneySource: yahoo.com

Patrick was called the “Trash Bag Killer” because he would dump the bodies of his victims along California highways wrapped up in trash bags.


Gary Ridgway

Gary RidgwaySource: chicagotribune.com; komonews.com; oxygen.com; ranker.com; oregonlive.com

Gary Ridgway, also known as the “Green River killer,” is famous for his killings of prostitutes. He was convicted of killing 49 women (though he claims he’s killed anywhere between 75 to 80). Similar to Dennis Raider, Gary seemed to be a normal person on the outside. He was married three times and lived in a quiet neighborhood where his neighbors described him as a good person. He also had a son whom he would take camping.

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