25 Creepiest Kids Toys Ever Made

While curious children can make nearly anything a toy – usually the box the toys come in – there’s a HUGE market for toys. That’s been pretty constant for generations now. But some toys are….ill advised. And creepy. Really creepy. One has to wonder how a board of executives let these go to mass production. Here are 25 Creepiest Kids Toys Ever Made.

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Growing Up Skipper

growing up skipper dollSource: http://www.messynessychic.com/2012/10/26/the-little-barbie-that-grew-breasts/

The Growing Up Skipper doll grew when you rotated her arm. Both in height and…cup size. Released in 1975, she was a doll about hitting puberty. Mattel conveniently left out acne, mood swings, braces, and getting your period in homeroom, though. While this does seem a little creepy and weird, when we put it next to any of the current Bratz dolls…maybe not so much.


Face Bank

FACEBANKSource: https://www.amazon.com/Face-Bank-Coin-Eating-Savings/dp/B007C3NM9E

This disturbing little guy is from Japan, and he’s called “Face Bank.” He eats your coins and saves them for you. You can currently buy your own on Amazon for around $20. The nightmares are free.


Little Miss No Name

Little-Miss-No-Name-the-doll-with-the-tear-little-miss-no-nameSource: http://www.dollinfo.com/LMissNo.htm

In 1965, Hasbro decided to release a doll that needed a little love…because she was homeless and apparently abandoned, without even as much as name. They named this creation “Little Miss No Name.”


Hopping Lederhosen

yodelformeSource: http://www.hoppinglederhosen.com/

Remote controlled, hopping, yodeling, lederhosen. It comes with a knockwurst remote control. Press the button and the lederhosen will hop over to you.


Antique French Swimming Dolls

swimming-automatonSource: https://www.rubylane.com/

Okay, we get it, the doll has to be in a “swimming” position, but out of water…it’s something from the Exorcist.

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