25 Creative Uses For Common Household Items

Whether you like to reuse and recycle or you’re just one of the crafty do-it-yourself types there are a lot of things you use on a daily basis that you don’t really need to go out and buy. From toothpaste to laundry detergent a number of them can be made right at home with things that you already have. So, get ready to save some cash because these are 25 creative uses for common household items.

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Aluminum Foil As Dryer Sheets

Aluminum Foil

If you never knew it was safe to put aluminum foil in dryers, join the club.
Turns out, however, that they make excellent alternatives to dryer sheets.


Vinegar As Pet Shiner


That’s right, just mix a cup of the white distilled variety with one quart of water, then rub down your pet’s coat with your hands and voila…your pet’s fur will be sparkling.


Beer As Slug Bait


If you have a slug problem, just leave some open cans of beer hidden at ground level and the slugs will just wander right in.


Baking Soda As Drain-O

Drain cleaning

Before you drop cash on the drain-o to unclog the kitchen sink, try some baking soda instead. First, pour about 1 cup of baking soda down the drain. Then, add some white vinegar and let it sit for five minutes. Lastly pour about one gallon of boiling water down and check your results.


Cinnamon As Ant Repellent


Forget pricey pesticides. If you want to keep ants at bay, cinnamon may be all you need. Just sprinkle it around your home wherever you think you may have an ant issue.

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