25 Creative Uses For Common Household Items

Posted by , Updated on November 5, 2022

Whether you like to reuse and recycle or you’re just one of the crafty do-it-yourself types there are a lot of things you use on a daily basis that you don’t really need to go out and buy. From toothpaste to laundry detergent a number of them can be made right at home with things that you already have. So, get ready to save some cash because these are 25 creative uses for common household items.

Tea Bags As Deodorizer

Tea Bags

Put some used tea bags in a jar and place them in your refrigerator to absorb odors.


Kitty Litter As Cell Phone Saver

Kitty Litter

If your phone gets wet you can try drying it in a box of cat litter. Remove the battery and SIM card, then dry the phone off and slide it into a sock. Tie the sock closed and put it in a container filled with the litter. After three days, check to see if there’s any moisture left on the screen. If so, put it back for another couple of days.


Baby Wipes As Gadget Cleaners

Baby wipes as gadget cleaners

Before you go out and purchase pricey electronics cleaners, keep in mind baby wipes work just as well.


Hydrogen Peroxide As Stain Remover

Hydrogen Peroxide

Unfortunately bleach has left hydrogen peroxide with somewhat of a bad rap. Commonly used as an anti-septic nowadays it makes for an awesome disinfectant and stain remover.


Cereal Bags As Ziplocs

Cereal bags as ziplocs

Ziplock bags cost a fortune and the store-brand stuff is rarely worth its weight in flimsy plastic. Plastic cereal bags, however, are great liners that can be reused. You can use them to store baked goods or a sandwich, apply breadcrumb coatings to meat, fish and poultry, roll up cookie dough logs, contain ingredients to be crushed with a rolling pin, or as a trash container in your car.


Aluminum Foil As Dryer Sheets

Aluminum Foil

If you never knew it was safe to put aluminum foil in dryers, join the club.
Turns out, however, that they make excellent alternatives to dryer sheets.


Vinegar As Pet Shiner


That’s right, just mix a cup of the white distilled variety with one quart of water, then rub down your pet’s coat with your hands and voila…your pet’s fur will be sparkling.


Beer As Slug Bait


If you have a slug problem, just leave some open cans of beer hidden at ground level and the slugs will just wander right in.


Baking Soda As Drain-O

Drain cleaning

Before you drop cash on the drain-o to unclog the kitchen sink, try some baking soda instead. First, pour about 1 cup of baking soda down the drain. Then, add some white vinegar and let it sit for five minutes. Lastly pour about one gallon of boiling water down and check your results.


Cinnamon As Ant Repellent


Forget pricey pesticides. If you want to keep ants at bay, cinnamon may be all you need. Just sprinkle it around your home wherever you think you may have an ant issue.


Toothpaste As All Purpose Cleaner


Save money by using toothpaste to clean sink fixtures and even eliminate garlic odor from your hands after cooking.


Alka Seltzer As Fishing Bait

Alka Seltzer

Strangely enough, if you drop a few alka seltzer tablets into the water around your fishing hole it may help you score the big one.


Tea Bags As Wart Remover


The tannic acid inside of tea leaves can work to eradicate warts by placing warmed, wet tea bags on the wart for about 15 minutes, up to three times per day.


WD-40 As Crayon Eraser

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If you have artistic kids that like to decorate your walls, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on wall cleaner. WD-40 does the trick for much cheaper. Just be sure to wipe down the surface with a soapy rag if you want to get the oil off the wall afterward.


Bananas As Silverware Shiners


Just rub the inside of the banana peel over whatever your silverware and watch the magic happen.


Honey As Germ Killer


Some varieties of honey can be used as a very effective antibacterial agent and will also reduce scarring on wounds.


Aspirin As Itch Reliever


Grind up some aspirin tablets and mix them with a couple of teaspoons of water to relieve the itch of a mosquito bite.


Dryer Sheets As Shoe Freshener

Dryer Sheets

No need to buy expensive deodorizer, just use dryer sheets in your shoes instead.


Baking Soda As Toothpaste

Baking Soda

Not only does it freshen your breath, it also whitens your teeth!


Hand Lotion As Shoe Shiner

Hand Lotion

Besides doing a good job of keeping your shoes shiny it will ensure that the leather stays soft and supple.


Charcoal As Air Freshener


Whether in your fridge or in your car, a little bit of charcoal is sure to keep your air fresh and clean.


Rubbing Alcohol As Ink Stain Remover

Rubbing Alcohol

Simply pour some alcohol over the spot and try wiping it with a soaked cotton ball.


Vinegar As Paintbrush Cleaner

Paint Brushes

Soaking gunky nylon brushes in hot vinegar for 30 minutes and then washing them in hot, soapy water will make them as good as new.


Coffee Filters As Window Cleaners

Coffee Filters

After you spray the windows down with cleaner use coffee filters to wipe them. They won’t leave streaks or lint.


Aluminum Foil As Scissor Sharpener


Fold a sheet of foil several times and cut through it with a pair of dull scissors to sharpen the blades.

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