25 Creative Places To Get Married

Where would you get married if you could get married anywhere? If you’re a Disney Fanatic, they’ve just announced that you can get married next to Cinderella’s Castle (after dark). But what if Disney World, Country Clubs, Churches, and Botanical Gardens are a little too run of the mill and forgettable to your taste? Never fear, there are plenty of options for the unique or adventurous couple. Here’s a list of 25 Creative Places To Get Married.


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Zero Gravity

zerogSource: http://www.refinery29.com/ Image Source: commons.wikimedia.org

You can get married in Zero Gravity. It’ll cost you, but if you’re willing to spend the cash, this place makes flights that perform loops that leave you in, well, Zero G. And you can surely do this with your nearest and dearest and make some vows.


Kiss Monster Mini Golf located in Las Vegas

kissgolfSource: https://www.thrillist.com Image Source: William Warby via Flickr

Because if you’re that specifically weird, and you find someone else that specifically weird, AND you both think it’s totally cool to get married at a mini golf course themed after the world’s most famous glam rock band? That’s true love.


Treehouse Point in Washington State

treehousepointwaSource: http://www.treehousepoint.com/ Image Source: Tony Guyton via Flickr

This is an actual, well, treehouse, surrounded by lovely grounds. They’re about half an hour outside of Seattle, and they’ll accommodate weddings of about 80 people, including wedding party.


Get Married on a Glacier in Alaska!

margerie-glacierSource: http://www.pearsonspond.com/ Image Source: pixabay.com

Think of the Cold Feet jokes you could make! If you even wanted to after seeing the breathtaking views, Pearson’s Pond in Jeanu, Alaska, can help arrange such a thing. They also offer weddings and vow renewals aboard whale watching vessels.


Mount Everest

mteverestSource: http://www.chillisauce.co.uk/ Image Source: commons.wikimedia.org

In 2005, a Nepalese couple got married on the top of Mount Everest. The ceremony lasted all of ten minutes, and the couple DID briefly remove their oxygen masks to say their vows (do not recommend).

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