25 Creative Nail Art Designs

Nail art has been around for thousands of years. Evidence suggests that the Chinese used a type of enamel on their fingers to tint them a reddish-pink color all the way back in 3000 B.C. Later on, the Incas took nail art to the next level by adorning their nails with drawings of eagles. Since the invention of nail polish and other manicuring tools in the 20th century, nail art has become more elaborate than ever. People draw inspiration from pop culture, music, cartoons, or anything else they can think of to depict on their nails, which can lead to some pretty bizarre creations. While you might not want to sport any of these works of art yourself, you’ll definitely appreciate the time and effort that went into these 25 creative nail art designs.

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Pacman nails

Candy Wrappers

Candy wrapper nails

The Avengers

Avengers nails

The Beatles

The Beatles nails


Animal nails

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