25 Creative FORCE Choking Photographs

By now you have probably heard of planking but have you heard of FORCE choking? This trend is taking the internet by storm as those with incredible powers from the FORCE display why they should be feared. Don’t you wish you had powers like these? Well then come and check them out with us as we look at these 25 creative FORCE chocking photographs. And don’t forget to check these crazy floating and planking pics as well.

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So who is Sweetpea?

25 boyfriend_tnwww.purederekhough.com

Were you staring at my maid of honor?!

24 bride_tnwww.fotocommunity.de

5 hours for a bunch of bananas… The grocer’s just 5 minutes away!

23 banana_tnhttp://en.reddit.com/

Please, stop! Have mercy on my human!

22 doggie_tnwww.gamaniak.com

Dad’s not going anywhere!

21 smiling kid_tn[email protected]

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