25 Creative And Unusual Fish Tank Designs You May Enjoy Watching

Owning a fish tank (aquarium) has many benefits, from adding an interesting piece to your decor to even improving you health. In fact, some scientific studies show that watching an aquarium can reduce stress levels, help lower blood pressure and improve overall mental health. And when they look as good as these 25 creative and unusual fish tanks from around the world the effects make sense. A note of caution with some of these designs: keep in mind that fish and other aquatic animals are living creatures that do have certain requirements necessary for their well-being such as sufficient amount of living space, clean water, appropriate temperature, food etc. Some of the following designs may look really cool and trendy but the little residents of the tanks may not share their owners´ elation.

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If you liked the fish tank bathroom sink, you will love the fish tank toilet. These Chinese toilets were supposed to cut water use. But don’t worry, it's absolutely safe for the fish. The toilet has three separate tanks – one for water flowing in, one for water flowing out, and one for the fish, ensuring that they always have enough water to swim in, and are never sucked into the bowl.

25 Creative And Unusual Fish Tank Designs You May Enjoy Watchingwww.telegraph.co.uk

Considering the kind of programs on TV these days, this might a more entertaining option.

www.aquahobby.com 307michael1www.aquahobby.com

If your fish tank is large and deep enough, you can keep fish together with some other water creatures. Pet crustaceans such as crabs, lobsters, shrimps or cray-fish are among the most common. They usually serve as the “aquarium doctors”, eliminating the ill and dead fish.

en.wikipedia.org Pet-crayfish-(Clippy-II)-in-freshwater-aquarium-with-apple-snailen.wikipedia.org

Most phone booths are out of date, so why not turn them into very cool and original urban aquariums? In 2009, this unique project was launched in several countries such as France and Belgium.

hollymcnicol.co.uk benedetto-bufalino-phone-booth-aquarium-designboom02hollymcnicol.co.uk

Though an interesting idea for an "aquarium", this design doesn't seem to take into consideration the safety and well being of the fish (I mean, it has wires right in the middle of an already confined space!).

www.gadgetgrid.com fish-tank-light-bulbwww.gadgetgrid.com

Still, as far as visual appeal goes, this is definitely unique.

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