25 Creative And Unusual Fish Tank Designs You May Enjoy Watching

Owning a fish tank (aquarium) has many benefits, from adding an interesting piece to your decor to even improving you health. In fact, some scientific studies show that watching an aquarium can reduce stress levels, help lower blood pressure and improve overall mental health. And when they look as good as these 25 creative and unusual fish tanks from around the world the effects make sense. A note of caution with some of these designs: keep in mind that fish and other aquatic animals are living creatures that do have certain requirements necessary for their well-being such as sufficient amount of living space, clean water, appropriate temperature, food etc. Some of the following designs may look really cool and trendy but the little residents of the tanks may not share their owners´ elation.

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This unique fish tank labyrinth would be a highlight to any home. The fish have a lot of space and can freely swim through the individual sections of the tank. Cleaning this thing however must be a nightmare.

uncrate.com labyrinth-aquarium-xluncrate.com

What looks like weird pipelines is actually a water-filled tunnel connecting two regular fish tanks. This unusual decoration was one of the main attraction at the Liquid Potion Lounge, a coffee bar in Illinois.

scienceblogs.com i-b99ad79d0500ecce0bb9d37136c42e6c-aquarium pipes 1scienceblogs.com

Those who want their fish tank to be vivid and colorful should go for a marine aquarium with saltwater fish and live coral reefs.

www.aquariumdesigngroup.com 68_1aquarium_reeftank_fishtankwww.aquariumdesigngroup.com

Want an aquarium at work? You can have this fish tank installed directly into your office desk.

www.boredpanda.com creative-aquariums-10www.boredpanda.com

We already mentioned the world´s smallest aquarium so it is fair to tell you about the largest one as well. Housing more than 100,000 animals of 500 different species in 38 million liters (10 million gallons) of water, the world´ largest aquarium is The Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta, Georgia. The aquarium is home to such large marine creatures as whale sharks, beluga whales, manta rays and even Bottlenose dolphins.

en.wikipedia.org Male_whale_shark_at_Georgia_Aquariumen.wikipedia.org

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