25 Creative And Unusual Fish Tank Designs You May Enjoy Watching

Owning a fish tank (aquarium) has many benefits, from adding an interesting piece to your decor to even improving you health. In fact, some scientific studies show that watching an aquarium can reduce stress levels, help lower blood pressure and improve overall mental health. And when they look as good as these 25 creative and unusual fish tanks from around the world the effects make sense. A note of caution with some of these designs: keep in mind that fish and other aquatic animals are living creatures that do have certain requirements necessary for their well-being such as sufficient amount of living space, clean water, appropriate temperature, food etc. Some of the following designs may look really cool and trendy but the little residents of the tanks may not share their owners´ elation.

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A fish tank can also be used as an original space divider in an office. Hopefully the roaming fish on the background don’t distract the hardworking employees.

mnsfw.blogspot.com 33 Sweet Office Aquariummnsfw.blogspot.com

Designed by a famous Japanese aquarist Takashi Amano, this fish tank creates a unique ecosystem.

www.amanotakashi.net 019www.amanotakashi.net

Nobody likes waiting for the bus, but watching these colorful fish swimming around can make the wait more entertaining. Built under The AqurioMania project, this bust stop design is located in Brazil.

reefbuilders.com aquariomaniabusstopreefbuilders.com

You might have come across a shoe in an aquarium but you probably haven’t seen an aquarium in a shoe. That’s exactly what the creative W+K Tokyo Lab put together for one of their campaigns.

reefbuilders.com aquarium-shoe-nikereefbuilders.com

Falling asleep under this unusual 2460 liter (650 gallon) fish tank design must be very pleasant and comforting.

rilane.com unique-aquarium-headboard-for-relaxing-bedroom-idea-700x560rilane.com

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