25 Creative And Unusual Fish Tank Designs You May Enjoy Watching

Owning a fish tank (aquarium) has many benefits, from adding an interesting piece to your decor to even improving you health. In fact, some scientific studies show that watching an aquarium can reduce stress levels, help lower blood pressure and improve overall mental health. And when they look as good as these 25 creative and unusual fish tanks from around the world the effects make sense. A note of caution with some of these designs: keep in mind that fish and other aquatic animals are living creatures that do have certain requirements necessary for their well-being such as sufficient amount of living space, clean water, appropriate temperature, food etc. Some of the following designs may look really cool and trendy but the little residents of the tanks may not share their owners´ elation.

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If you want to have an aquarium all around you, visit this hotel located on the Maldives island of Rangali. Owned by the international luxury brand Conrad Hotels & Resorts, the hotel has been voted twice as the best hotel in the world.

www.news.com.au 848978-maldives-rangali-islands-resortwww.news.com.au

Those who are frightened by immense masses of water and large fish might want to consider this miniature wonder by Russian artist Anatoly Konenko. The world´s smallest aquarium holds just two tea spoons of water and can only accommodate a few miniature stones, plants and the tiny zebra fish.

www.dailymail.co.uk article-2081282-0F513E7300000578-826_634x409www.dailymail.co.uk

Aquariums don't have to be necessarily inhabited just by fish. This jellyfish tank looks mdern and relaxing. However, the jellyfish seem to be a bit confined in there.

www.thegreenhead.com aquapict-led-illuminated-jellyfish-aquarium-xlwww.thegreenhead.com

We are used to seeing fish tanks in some bars and pubs but the QUA Bottle Lounge in Texas has elevated the usage of an aquarium in a bar to another level. The dance floor of the lounge is built on a huge 20,000 gallon tank with sharks and stingrays.

www.dailymail.co.uk article-0-04BF13D4000005DC-317_634x443www.dailymail.co.uk

A bathroom sink is another place where you can install your piece of nature. The two circular holes on the sides are designed for feeding and the entire top glass can be removed.

www.opulentitems.com aquasinkhighwww.opulentitems.com

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