25 Crazy Things You Will Only Find In Japan

In the modern age, Japan has done a good job of being technologically one step ahead the rest of the world. Their unfavorable geographical and natural conditions have made them an extremely inventive and efficient nation. But sometimes, their creativeness and technological advancement goes a bit too far, shocking the rest of the world. From capsule hotels to octopus flavored ice cream, it’s safe to say the Japanese have their own unique style. If you plan to visit this amazing Asian country, check out these 25 Crazy Things You Will Only Find In Japan.

25 CRAZY THINGS You Will Only Find In Japan

25 CRAZY THINGS You Will Only Find In Japan

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Sleeping in the Office

bank security

While in Western world, falling asleep in the office is considered extreme impedance, earning the person a one way ticket to unemployment, Japanese business culture allows the employees who work hard the so called “inemuri” – napping on the job. Some people even fake inemuri, so that their bosses believe they are working hard.


Toilet Slippers

toilet slippers

The Japanese are famous for their strict hygiene habits and sanitary precautions, so it should come as no surprise they have something like toilet slippers. They’re used to minimize contact between the unclean toilet floor and the clean floor of rest of the house.


Japanese Whiskey

japanese whiskey

Have you ever heard of Japanese whiskey? You should try one. Available pretty much everywhere in all possible sizes, Japanese whiskeys are rapidly gaining worldwide recognition for their quality. Suntory’s Hibiki brand has recently won multiple “World’s Best Whiskey” awards.


Subway Chin Rest


The Japanese work really hard; no wonder they sometimes tend to snooze in the subway. To have their heads comfortably supported, they may use this special gadget.


Fake Fangs


Japanese women are going crazy for accentuated teeth known as the “yabea,” which involves spending hundreds of dollars on cosmetic procedures in order to attach mini-fangs to their canines.

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