25 Crazy Things Rich People Bought Just Because They Could

While most of us usually try to get the best deal for the lowest price, there are people out there who actually take pride in doing the very opposite. Mainly rich people, who buy things just because they can. They want to own the most expensive things that are available, and why the heck not. They’re rich! What else are you supposed to do with all that money? (Rhetorical. Don’t answer that). There’s even a website that features insanely expensive, usually totally unnecessary stuff that rich people can buy to show off their wealth and affluence in the most ostentatious way. From gold backpacks, cell phones, bikes and shirts to a $50,000 kiss, a $115,000 lock of hair and even a human life. These wealthy people are definitely not reading our 25 ways to cut your spending and save money list. They don’t need to! They probably have enough money to last them a life time. In fact, they’d probably subscribe more to our most expensive yacht list than anything else (because every wealthy person needs a ridiculously expensive yacht). At any rate, if you’re interested in some of the most unnecessarily (but admittedly mind blowing) expensive and high end item’s you’ve ever seen, take a look at today’s list: 25 Crazy Things Rich People Bought Just Because They Could.

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Would you buy these expensive things if you were wealthy?


Million dollar fishing lure

Million dollar fishing lureSource and image: tackletour.com

Fishermen can be rich too and this is probably why this outrageously expensive fishing lure was produced. Made of three pounds of gold and platinum, and encrusted with 100 carats of diamonds and rubies, this fishing lure costs 1 million dollars.


Diamond hoodie

Diamond hoodieSource and image: www.ealuxe.com

Produced by Konquest, this diamond-studded hoodie costs $10,000. Who said casual clothes can’t be luxurious?


Albert Einstein´s letter

Albert Einstein´s letterSource and image: www.livescience.com

In October 2012, an original hand-written letter by Albert Einstein was sold in an auction for more than 3 million dollars. The letter was written to philosopher Erik Gutkind and it contained Einstein´s views on ethics and religion.


Gold Monopoly

Gold MonopolySource and image: www.luxuo.com

Millionaires who like playing Monopoly should consider getting the special gold version of this popular board game. The 18-karat gold and jewel-encrusted Monopoly crafted by San Francisco jeweler Sidney Mobell in 1988 was estimated to worth $2 million.


Ian Usher´s life

Ian UsherSource and image: commons.wikimedia.org

Ian Usher´s life was put in an auction in 2008. After a heartbreaking divorce, the Australian was sick of his life so he decided to start over and sell his old life including all his possession, house and even his job in an auction. After an unknown bidder bought his life for more than $300,000, Usher used the money to purchase a deserted island in the Caribbean where he has been living a happy life since then.

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