25 Unusual Things You Won’t Believe Were Found In A Backyard

Exploring eerie backyards can be very exciting and curious activity. For various reasons, people sometimes have to take a spade and dig up their property. Stumbling across some rusty rummage buried under ground comes as no surprise but there have been findings that left their finders in absolute amazement. From whale fossils to a buried Ferrari, check out these 25 crazy things found in a backyard. What would you do, if you found something like this in your backyard?

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Marijuana worth 175,000 USD

marijuanaSource: www.documentingreality.com

Mack Reed from Los Angeles attempted to install solar panels in his backyard when he found $175,000 worth of marijuana in a hidden underneath hot tub. Reed briefly considered all the money he could make from this unexpected find, but he thought that the person who hid the drugs would probably want it back. Instead, he reported his discovery to the police and secured the place with a sign saying, “We found it and the called police. They confiscated it and are now watching the place. Sorry.”


Giant earthworm

earthwormSource: www.dailymail.co.uk

Chinese worker Li Zhiwei was putting some clothes to dry out in his backyard when he saw what he thought was a snake. However, when he took a closer look at the animal, he realized it was not a snake but a giant, almost 20 inches (half a meter) long earthworm. Biologists wondered why it was able to grow so long in a built-up area because an earthworm’s size is usually closely related to its environment.


Mammoth bone

mommothSource: www.myfoxdc.com

In 2010, a family from Iowa was picking fruit in their wooded backyard when they saw a white object sticking out of the ground. After digging it out, they found out it was a femur. Scientists from a local university later identified it as a 12,000 years old wooly mammoth bone. When paleontologists came to the site, they soon discovered more bones with only the mammoth skull missing.


Grenades and TNT explosives

grenadeSource: idnes.cz

In May 2013, a 39-year old man from the Czech Republic wanted to dig out some tree stumps in his backyard when he noticed there was something under them. Disturbed by the unexpected finding, he called the police. After excavating the mysterious objects, they found out that the man’s backyard contained tons of hand grenades and several TNT explosives from the Second World War.



ferrariSource: framework.latimes.com

When digging for fun in a backyard in 1978, two kids from Los Angeles found a Dino 246 GTS Ferrari. After excavating the car and a little investigation, it turned out that the car had been stolen and buried several years earlier by thieves. Oddly enough, none of the residents who had lived in the neighborhood in the time of the burial noticed anything. It’s believed to have been a part of an insurance scam. The thieves were to allegedly destroy the car but they loved it so much, they decided to bury it and intended to retrieve it later.

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