25 Crazy Things Captured By Google Street View Camera

Launched in 2007, Google Street View is a unique technology featured in Google Maps and Google Earth that provides actual panoramic views from streets and places all over the world. Naturally, the main objective of this technology is to help you with navigation in unfamiliar neighborhoods and cities but it also provides a great opportunity to explore the crazy world we live in, that is if the location is not too remote. For example, you probably won’t find these 25 Unique Travel Destinations Most Travelers Have No Clue Exist on Google Street View. But you could find places like these 25 Great Destinations Digital Nomads Should Visit. Aside from finding unique locations, another fun thing to do on Google street view is find weird and bizarre moments in time like naked people jumping from the trunk of their vehicles, strange alien looking things coming out of apartments, kids robbing a man, and so much more. From slightly weird and funny to totally disturbing and terrifying, check out these 25 crazy things captured by Google Street View camera.

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Man carrying a sex doll.

Google Street View imageImage: www.dailystar.co.uk

Two-legged cat.

Google Street View imageImage: www.dailymail.co.uk

Youngsters getting arrested.

Google Street View imageImage: mashable.com

Scary masked man on a street.

Google Street View imageImage: guff.com

Escaping prisoner.

Google Street View imageImage: www.gizmopod.com

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