25 Crazy Random Things To Show How Crazy The World You Live In Actually Is

Posted by , Updated on September 16, 2015

Did you know you live in a crazy world? Yeah, you probably already knew that. But what you might not realize is exactly how crazy, the world you live in actually is. What is that? You say you watch the news? Oh trust me, what you are about to witness is so far out there that you won’t find it in any news source (yeah, even they can’t handle these crazy random things). But you know what? It’s OK. Who wants to live in a sane world anyways? With crazy geniuses driving around with a pool inside their car (that’s right, inside), to what can only be described as one of the oddest friend couples you have ever seen, these are 25 crazy random things to show how crazy the world you live in actually is (and trust us, it’s pretty crazy).


Bad parking was just elevated to next level.

bad parkingImage: www.bajiroo.com

When someone´s front yard becomes a runway.

plane on streetImage: itchyhound.com

When your neighbor just won the game of hide and seek.

man in car trunkImage: www.mirror.co.uk

When your landlord doesn’t allow you to have a real dog.

giant stuffed dogImage: ilikr.net

Two friends riding a dragon-bike.

crazy bikeImage: metro.co.uk

A neighbor chilling out on his sofa… on the roof.

man on roofImage: thechive.com

Just a regular meeting of men in black and… Winnie the Poohs?

weird peopleImage: reddit.com

This “thing” having a walk.

crazy costumeImage: www.bullrabbit.com

A truck with a couch full of… golden decorative… items.

truck with sofaImage: diply.com

A car that ended up dangling several floors up in a building.

car hanging from buildingImage: www.dailymail.co.uk

A perfectly normal couple of friends.

crazy peopleImage: juventuz.org

Guys having fun while fishing at a parking lot.

men fishingImage: bajiroo.com

Crime scene cleaners in front of your apartment.

Crime scene cleanersImage: reddit.com

An alien on a skateboard.

alien on a skateboardImage: oppositelock.kinja.com

A fisherman taking his catch home.

fisherman with his catchImage: abcnews.go.com

A car in a pool…

car in a poolImage: oppositelock.kinja.com

…and a pool in a car.

25 Crazy Random Things To Show How Crazy The World You Live In Actually IsImage: world.haiwainet.cn

A hardy man chilling out on his swing.

Man on swingImage: isjkl.wordpress.com

People getting their snack at “McHorse”.

Horse at McDonaldsImage: bestofmeanwhilein.com

A car sunk into the ground.

car sunk into the groundImage: www.amusingplanet.com

A banana car.

banana carImage: bitwebmagazine.com

Your neighbors having very unusual barbecue party.

crazy barbecue partyImage: curiousphotos.blogspot.com

A bizarre dog ritual.

dog ritualImage: www.liberalamerica.org

A lobster car.

lobster carImage: www.quirkycookery.com

A pair of bears balancing on a fence.

bears on a fenceImage: www.fimfiction.net

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