25 Crazy Pieces Of Furniture That Are Not Boring

When it comes to furniture, people just tend to consider it a necessary, mundane and somewhat boring part of their homes. But furniture doesn’t always have to be boring. In fact, your sofa, bed, table set, bookshelves and other things can be surprisingly original and creative! If you’re thinking about furnishing your apartment with new, unusual items, be sure to checkout today’s post! From wall-climbing sofas to ping pong doors, check out these 25 crazy pieces of furniture.

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This futuristic living room set was designed by the Benjamin Rollins Caldwell, an American artist best known for his one-of-a kind pieces and custom projects that use everyday objects and materials to create unique pieces of furniture.

crazy furnitureSource and image: freshome.com

Wine lovers will definitely appreciate sleeping in this extraordinary wooden bed made from a wine barrel.

wine barrel bedSource and image: www.likeaboss.com

Known as the Emperor 1510, this ultimate chair with highly stable steel structure, tilting capabilities, integrated audio system and even LED lighting for a complete computing environment, can be yours for 6,000 dollars.

Emperor 1510Source and image: www.dudeiwantthat.com

Capable of expending from smaller size to larger and vice versa, this creative table named the Capstan Table was designed by David Fletcher.

capstan tableSource and image: homedit.com

If you turn this ingeniously crafted table set upside down, you will get two picnic benches.

crazy benchSource and image: pinterest.com

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