25 Crazy Pieces Of Furniture That Are Not Boring

Posted by , Updated on January 3, 2024

When it comes to furniture, people just tend to consider it a necessary, mundane and somewhat boring part of their homes. But furniture doesn’t always have to be boring. In fact, your sofa, bed, table set, bookshelves and other things can be surprisingly original and creative! If you’re thinking about furnishing your apartment with new, unusual items, be sure to checkout today’s post! From wall-climbing sofas to ping pong doors, check out these 25 crazy pieces of furniture.


This futuristic living room set was designed by the Benjamin Rollins Caldwell, an American artist best known for his one-of-a kind pieces and custom projects that use everyday objects and materials to create unique pieces of furniture.

crazy furnitureSource and image: freshome.com

Wine lovers will definitely appreciate sleeping in this extraordinary wooden bed made from a wine barrel.

wine barrel bedSource and image: www.likeaboss.com

Known as the Emperor 1510, this ultimate chair with highly stable steel structure, tilting capabilities, integrated audio system and even LED lighting for a complete computing environment, can be yours for 6,000 dollars.

Emperor 1510Source and image: www.dudeiwantthat.com

Capable of expending from smaller size to larger and vice versa, this creative table named the Capstan Table was designed by David Fletcher.

capstan tableSource and image: homedit.com

If you turn this ingeniously crafted table set upside down, you will get two picnic benches.

crazy benchSource and image: pinterest.com

If you are not sure what this piece of furniture is and how it works, let us introduce you to Loopita. Designed for two people, this unconventional sofa/bed is a great place to rest with your partner.

LoopitaSource and image: pinterest.com

What looks like a bunch of plush volleyballs is actually a super comfortable couch known as Feel Seating System Deluxe. The only thing you do with this thing is arrange it into your desired position and relax.

Feel Seating System DeluxeSource and image: www.archello.com

Aptly named the Evolution Door, this futuristic door was designed by Klemens Torggler. As you can see in the gif, operating this door is practically effortless.

Evolution DoorSource and image: www.thisiscolossal.com

With these unique bookshelf units, redecorating your living room has never been easier. Combine as many of these “OH” shelves as you need and arrange them in the form you like.

OH shelvesSource and image: www.hongkiat.com

Speaking of a bookshelf, if you are an American patriot who enjoys looking at the US map, you simply must have this one.

US map bookshelfSource and image: www.dwell.com

A combination of furniture and brilliant optical illusion, this incredible sofa design created by Japanese studio YOY will leave your guests in complete astonishment.

canvas sofaSource and image: laughingsquid.com

Another greatly customizable piece, this shelf is made from six flexible wooden planks.

unusual bookshelfSource and image: cargocollective.com

One of the masterpieces of Pablo Reinoso, an Argentine-French artist and designer, the spaghetti bench will give your porch an artistic tinge.

spaghetti benchSource and Image: www.webdesigncore.com

Named the Bilbao bookshelf, this bookshelf designed by artist Sebastian Errazuriz might seem a bit crazy but don’t let it fool you – with boards hidden behind the limbs, this design is perfectly functioning.

Bilbao bookshelfSource and image: pinterest.com

Designed by Flavio Scalzo, this intriguing chair concept is referred to as “chair inside a chair”. The unique design of this piece allows its owner to choose between a smaller compact chair and a wider chair with a side table

crazy chairSource and image: www.tomsguide.com

This “book hugger” can’t hold many books all at once but at least you get to show your books some love.

book huggerSource and image: www.hongkiat.com

Designed by Tembolat Gugkaev, this armchair-bookshelf hybrid makes sure you always have your book at your disposal while sitting on it.

armchair-bookshelfSource and image: www.decoist.com

A brilliant idea for those who miss a game room in their apartment, the ping pong door was invented and designed by a German designer Tobias Franzel.

ping pong doorSource and image: www.bgifit.com

Designed by Italian design studio Baldessari e Baldessari and called the Molletta Bench, this pop-art style seat was masterfully carved from solid wood.

Molletta benchSource and image: design-milk.com

Called “East Meet West”, this carpet-sofa was designed by Tonio de Roover. The idea behind this original design is pretty simple - wood and inox support on top of a persian rug.

Carpet sofaSource and image: freshome.com

Those who have little room in their living room but still want to have something really extraordinary, might like this sofa design by Lila Lang.

crazy sofaSource and image: inspirationfeed.com

This mind (and possibly even gravity) bending bookshelf might be every perfectionist´s nightmare but it definitely gives your room the unique feel of the unconventional and bizarre.

crazy bookshelfSource and image: neverendingblueprint.wordpress.com

If you are a loner who doesn’t change his position while sleeping, this revolutionary bed design is right for you.

crazy bedSource and image: www.innamag.com

Resembling a table soaked in red paint, this artistic table concept will come in handy on Halloween.

blood tableSource and image: www.hometone.com

The ultimate space-saving furniture set, this collection of four chairs and a table known as the Obelisk can be compacted into a highly decorative sculptural structure when it is not used.

Obelisk setSource and image: www.idealista.com