25 Crazy Optical Illusions That Will Blow Your Mind

Posted by , Updated on May 15, 2017


Is what you see what you really get? Don’t be fooled, not everything is as it seems. Our senses have limitations and can be bent and twisted. This is especially true of our sense of sight. Pictures can mess with our perspective, making us see one thing over the other or causing immovable objects to move, messing with our head. Here are 25 Crazy Optical Illusions That Will Blow Your Mind.

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Sinking Floor

Sinking floorSource: https://www.flickr.com

It might look like the floor is sinking in the middle, but all the squares are the same shape. The dots create the illusion.


Old Lady or Young Woman

862px-My_Wife_and_My_Mother-in-LawSource: https://commons.wikimedia.org

Here’s a classic optical illusion that messes with perspective. Some people see an old lady in this picture, and others see a young lady. Can you spot both?


Dark Spots

Grid_illusion.svgSource: https://commons.wikimedia.org

This optical illusion looks like black spots appear at the intersections of the white lines.


Green Vortex

1600px-Motion_illusion_in_star_arrangementSource: https://commons.wikimedia.org

Whoa. It’s like we’re spinning into the quantum zone with Doctor Strange. This optical illusion should look like the vortex is moving.


Spinning Circles

Spinning circlesSource: https://www.flickr.com

Here’s a different and totally mind-bending variation of moving circles.

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