25 Crazy Myths And Facts About Ancient Egypt

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When you think of ancient Egypt, what are the first things that come to your mind? The pyramids, right? Maybe the pharaohs? But ancient Egypt was so much more than just that! It was one of the most successful, advanced, and long-lasting civilizations ever. We did some research on this topic to provide you with some cool ancient Egyptian facts and myths you might not know. If you want to learn more about ancient Egypt, check out these 25 Crazy Myths And Facts About Ancient Egypt.

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The famous ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics might have looked cool, but they were too time-consuming to create. Therefore, they were only reserved for the most important texts (such as decorative tomb inscriptions). Common texts were written in hieratic – a simplified form of the hieroglyphics.

Egyptian hieroglyphicsSource: historyextra.com

One of the most famous man-made structures in the world, the Great Pyramid of Giza was built from approximately 2.5 million limestone blocks weighing on average 2.6 tons each. The total mass of the pyramid is more than 6.3 million tons.

Great Pyramid of GizaSource: sacredsites.com

One of ancient Egypt's most famous, longest-ruling and prolific pharaohs, Ramses II reigned Egypt for 60 years and is believed to have had over 100 children. He died in his 90's, a truly outstanding age for that era.

Ramses IISource: nationalgeographic.com

The word “pharaoh” translates as “great house.” When the word was first used, it actually referred to the palace of the king and its greatness, not just to the king himself.

pharaohSource: ancientegypt.co.uk

One of the most common myths about ancient Egypt is that when a pharaoh died, his family, servants, and officials were buried with him, alive. This kind of human sacrifice did happen a few times throughout ancient Egyptian history, but it definitely was not a common practice.

ancient EgyptSource: historyoftheancientworld.com

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