25 Crazy Myths And Facts About Ancient Egypt

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When you think of ancient Egypt, what are the first things that come to your mind? The pyramids, right? Maybe the pharaohs? But ancient Egypt was so much more than just that! It was one of the most successful, advanced, and long-lasting civilizations ever. We did some research on this topic to provide you with some cool ancient Egyptian facts and myths you might not know. If you want to learn more about ancient Egypt, check out these 25 Crazy Myths And Facts About Ancient Egypt.

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The ancient Egyptians enjoyed passing their free time playing interesting board games. There were a number of board games like “Mehen” and “Mancala.” However, far more popular was the “Senet” – one of the oldest board games in the world, dating back to around 3100 BC.

SenetSource: ancienthistorylists.com

Hygiene and appearance were very important for the ancient Egyptians. Men shaved their entire bodies, and they loved using flowery and aromatic scents. Unsurprisingly, it was the pharaohs who used the most fragrant and luxurious perfumes.

ancient EgyptSource: reshafim.org

The River Nile was of the utmost importance for the ancient Egyptians as it was their main source of water. The river was thought to have flowed from the primeval waters of Nun, through the land of the dead, the heavens, and finally into Egypt.

River NileSource: thekeep.org

Cleopatra's Needle is an ancient Egyptian obelisk that was transported to New York City from Alexandria in 1881. It has suffered much more damage during the short time spent in America than it had during almost 3000 years in Egypt. Pollution and acid rains are to blame for the weathering.

Cleopatra´s NeedleSource: geocaching.com

Women in ancient Egypt were the equals of men in almost every area except occupations. Women could marry and divorce who they wanted; they could hold what jobs they liked (within certain limits), administer their property, buy and sell what they wanted, travel freely etc.

Women in ancient EgyptSource: ancient.eu

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