25 Crazy Killer Pets Who Ate Their Owners

Posted by , Updated on May 23, 2024

Since ancient times, humans and animals have lived together. We often form closer relationships with animals like dogs and cats, unlike with a fierce Bengal tiger, for example. At times, we can develop strong emotional connections with these creatures, hoping they could be our companions. However, it can be heartbreaking for many animal lovers to realize that not all wild, exotic animals share this sense of friendship. Here is a list of 25 Crazy Pets that Ultimately Consumed Their Owners.



Charla Nash

Schimpanse_Zoo_LeipzigSource: http://abcnews.go.com

Technically, Charla Nash wasn’t the owner of Travis the chimpanzee, but she was a friend of the owner. Unfortunately, in 2009, Nash was violently attacked and mauled by Travis and almost died from the attack.


Aidan Pankey

Rat_diabeticSource: http://www.dailymail.co.uk

After his pet rat bit him, Aidan Pankey died of rat-bite fever in 2013. Saying they were never warned this could be a danger, Aidan’s family sued Petco for damages.


Andre Lamboga

hungry dogSource: https://www.sott.net

In 2011, an Indonesian man went on a vacation for two weeks, leaving his nine dogs without someone to care for them. When he returned, the starving dogs attacked, decapitated, and ate the man.


Al Abell

lionSource: http://articles.chicagotribune.com

Al Abell and his wife Kathie took care of an exhibition farm, housing all sorts of exotic animals. This included Simba, their African Barbary lion. When Al went to clean Simba’s enclosure, he forgot to lock the cage. Of course, the worst happened after that, and Simba attacked and killed him.


Shaianna Hare

Python_molurus_тигровый_питонSource: http://abcnews.go.com

Jaren Hare and her boyfriend Charles Darnell owned a pet Burmese python and decided not to feed it for a week. With only a quilt to cover the python’s cage, it escaped and strangled Hare’s 2-year-old little girl to death. Hare and Darnell were both charged with third-degree murder, neglect, and manslaughter.


Norman Buwalda

SIberian TigerSource: http://www.huffingtonpost.com

As chairman of the Canadian Exotic Animal Owner’s Association, Norman Buwalda was an owner of many exotic animals, including a Siberian tiger. While his neighbors often complained about the animals he had, he was within his legal right to own them. One day he went in to clean the tiger’s cage and was attacked and mauled to death.


Camel kills woman owner

CamelsSource: http://www.cbsnews.com/news/australian-woman-killed-by-amorous-camel/

An Australian woman was given a camel for her birthday for her sheep and cattle ranch. Unfortunately, having camels as pets can lead to aggressive behavior if not disciplined. The 10-month-old camel knocked the woman to the ground, got really excited, and killed her.


James Little

Shiba_InuSource: http://www.nydailynews.com

While James Little was sleeping, his Shiba Inu began chewing and gnawing on his toes, removing three. Little didn’t wake up because he’s diabetic, a disease that numbs the toes. Authorities believe it’s likely the dog’s instincts lead it to bite off the diseased flesh.


Child mauled by mountain lion

Annoyed_Mountain_LionSource: http://www.newswest9.com

A 4-year-old child was at a home in West Odessa when he got too close to a mountain lion being held in a cage there. Somehow the mountain lion reached through the cage and clawed and scratched the child, causing severe cuts to the side of his face.


Herbert Walden and Jane Walden

catSource: http://www.ohio.com

Herbert Walden was taking care of his mother Jane Walden when he suffered a heart attack. Jane Walden, depending on his care, died of dehydration soon after. When they entered the home, authorities discovered twelve of Walden’s house cats eating his foot.


Grant Williams

burmese-python-1150794_640Source: http://www.nytimes.com

Wanting to start a business caring for reptiles, Grant Williams kept a 14-foot Burmese python in his house. Unfortunately, this python ended up being the death of him as police found his body lying face down with the python wrapped around his waist.


Ronald Huff

Nile_Monitor,_Lake_ManyaraSource: http://www.nytimes.com/2002/02/12/science/lure-of-the-exotic-stirs-trouble-in-the-animal-kingdom.html

For reasons beyond comprehension, Ronald Huff was the owner of seven Nile monitor lizards in Newark, Delaware. In 2002, when authorities showed up at his house, they found those Nile monitor lizards feeding on his body. They were unsure if the lizards in question were the cause of death.


Arkansas woman eaten by her 50 dogs

1saved_by_Ravi_GillSource: http://www.nydailynews.com

An Arkansas woman was found being eaten by her 50 stray dogs after she died suddenly of Hepatitis-C. Neighbors said she was a dog hoarder.


Gerald Rushton

Red_deer_(Cervus_elaphus)_hindSource: http://www.ktbs.com

People who say deer aren’t dangerous might want to read this. Gerald Rushton, an East Texas man who raised exotic deer, was attacked by one of them when he tried to feed them. Unfortunately, he didn’t make it out alive.


Joe De La Garza

Cockatiel-Rico-001Source: http://www.foxnews.com

After his daughter purchased a cockatiel from PetSmart, Joe De La Garza grew ill and died. The culprit was parrot fever that can be passed on to humans. Amanda herself was put into a coma but has since recovered.


Pet shop python escape

pythonsSource: https://www.theguardian.com

At this point, if you haven’t figured out that pythons are incredibly dangerous, then maybe this one will help it sink in. Two boys visiting the home of a friend whose father owned a pet store below were not expecting a python to be inside the house. The python supposedly figured out how to escape, climb up through the ventilation system, and enter the apartment. The two boys, unfortunately, were strangled and killed by the python.


Pugs ate their owners face

pugsSource: http://www.wowt.com

After their owner shot himself and died, two pugs named Harry and Sally were forced to eat his remains, including his face, head, and torso. We may never look at pugs the same way again.


Mark Voegel

Adult_Female_Black_WidowSource: http://www.digitaljournal.com

Like something out of a horror movie, Mark Voegel from Germany was found dead in his apartment wrapped in spider webs. 200 spiders, some snakes, thousands of termites, and a gecko were all feasting on his flesh when police found his dead body. His pet black widow was the cause of death.


Pet Hippo eats his owner

Hippo_mouth_openingSource: https://www.theguardian.com

Marius Els felt he had a father-son relationship with his pet hippo in South Africa. However, even after repeated warnings that a hippo couldn’t be tamed, Els met his tragic end when his hippo repeatedly bit and killed him.


Kelly Ann Walz

1600px-Canadian_Rockies_-_the_bear_at_Lake_LouiseSource: http://www.cbsnews.com

Kelly Ann Walz and her husband Michael got an exotic animal license in 1994 and kept several types of exotic animals. One day, Kelly Ann Walz went to the black bear cage to clean it. She opened the door without enclosing the black bear behind the second cage; instead, she threw some food to the side to distract it, but it wasn’t distracted. It quickly attacked and killed her.


Sandra L. Piovesan

wolf dogSource: http://www.post-gazette.com/

Sandra L. Piovesan raised nine wolf dogs in a fenced enclosure at her home in Pennsylvania. On a normal day, she entered the enclosure and was greeted not with love but violence; her wolves attacked and killed her.


Cynthia Lee Gamble

Bengal_TigerSource: https://bigcatrescue.org

Cynthia Lee Gamble of Minnesota was a fearless and well-known animal handler in the area. She raised several different types of exotic animals, including a Bengal tiger. As she was cleaning the Bengal tiger’s cage, one of the drop doors was left open, exposing her. The tiger apparently took the opportunity and the rest was history.


Hollywood bear kills trainer

bearSource: http://www.nydailynews.com

As seen in the movie Semi-Pro starring Will Ferrell, Rocky the grizzly bear was a movie star. However, one day while working with his trainer, Stephen Miller, he fatally bit him on the neck. Miller died at the scene and the fate of Rocky is unknown.


Terry Vance Garner

Four_feral_hogs,_Wild_AdventuresSource: http://www.dailymail.co.uk

Terry Vance Garner went out one day to feed his hogs on his Oregon ranch. While no one is certain the cause, he fell over into the pen and was killed and eaten by his hogs. Authorities only found dentures and scattered body parts at the scene.


Ricky Weinhold

Full_Blood_Wagyu_Bull_in_ChileSource: http://nypost.com

A day before your birthday, the last thing you want is your pet bull getting cranky, but that’s exactly what happened to Ricky Weinhold. While several of his friends and family had advised him to get rid of the bull, he kept him anyway, and while no one witnessed the attack, he was found dead with wounds from the bull’s horns and hooves.

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