25 Crazy Hitchhiking Stories

Hitchhiking has always been a popular, cheap, and easy way to get from place to place. Of course, with it comes tremendous risk for both the driver and the rider. No one knows who they’ll find when they open that door. Through the experience, you might get a good story, a new friend, or like some, a tragic end. There’s no way to tell anyone’s intentions and everyone should travel wisely when they’re out on the road. With that said, here are 25 Crazy Hitchhiking Stories.

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Josh Delacy

hitchhiker thumbSource: http://joshdelacy.com/

After college, Josh Delacy decided to get in on a little adventure. With nothing but a backpack, a little money, and a sign that read “Traveling on Trust,” Delacy hitchhiked 6,700 miles across America. He met all kinds of people from criminals to conservative Christians. Keeping a blog, he wrote about his significant stories and eventually wrote a memoir about the experience. While Delacy had a positive experience hitchhiking, as we’ll soon discover, not everyone does.


Don't hitchhike anymore tonight.

inside car rainingSource: https://www.reddit.com/

A woman on Reddit told a story about how she went hitchhiking one day. She was seventeen without a driver’s license and usually got rides from friends, would walk, or occasionally hitch. She made general rules for herself about hitchhiking, like only get in cars with women or men with kids. One night it was too cold outside, and she needed a ride home. A man pulled up and offered her a ride. She felt like she could take him if she needed to defend herself, so she took the risk. As they were driving, he didn’t say much which she was fine with. But at one point, as they went through the intersection, another car slid on the ice, looking like it might hit them. She yelled, “watch out!” He slammed on the gas, sped through the intersection, and burst out with, “Don’t you ever scream at me!” At that point, she wanted out, but he wouldn’t listen. He mumbled to himself, talking about how she never listens to him, and he isn’t going to listen to her. She was pretty freaked out at this point. He pulled into a gas station and said, “I think I better let you out.” She raced out the door and was almost at the convenience store when he rolled down his window and said he was sorry. Then, he held out her hat that she left behind. She warily approached him and grabbed it before saying, “Thanks.” When she went to put the hat on, there was a note that said he was sorry with a 100 dollar bill inside. The note also read, “Don’t hitchhike anymore tonight.”


The Santa Rosa Hitchhiker Murders

Yvonne_QuilantangSource: http://www.blumhouse.com

The Santa Rosa hitchhiker murders were a series of homicides involving female hitchhikers in the Sonoma County and Santa Rosa bay area in California from 1972 to 1973. In each case, the females were found completely naked in rural areas near roads. The victim’s ages ranged from 12 up to 23, and suspects of the murders include the Zodiac Killer, Ted Bundy, and Arthur Leigh Allen. The case has remained cold since 1980.


Orange Socks

orange socksSource: http://unsolved.com

“Orange Socks” was an unidentified hitchhiker and drifter who was found dead on October 31, 1979 in Texas. She was strangled and found only hours after she died. Not much is known about her except what was told from her supposed killer, Henry Lee Lucas. Lucas confessed to her killing and said he picked her up in Oklahoma where they had sex. When he asked for sex again, she said no and tried to leave the car at which point he killed her and raped her corpse. While he made a full confession, much of his story didn’t match up and he was frequently inconsistent.


Highway of Death

flinders highwaySource: http://www.dailymail.co.uk

In 1982, Tony Jones was hitchhiking down Flinders Highway in Australia when he mysteriously vanished forever. Authorities believed he was murdered and put on a full-scale manhunt and investigation. When nothing came up, his family continued, spending years trying to track down the killer. This wasn’t the first mysterious murder on Flinders Highway. Eleven others happened over the course of many years, giving the highway the nickname “Highway of Death.”

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