25 Crazy Hangover Remedies You Won’t Want To Try

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Most of us know the feeling. You wake up with an unbearable headache, your hands are shaking, you are dehydrated and exhausted. You wish you hadn’t drunk that much last night but it is too late now. You have to deal with the terrible hangover. We all have some reliable ways how to fight it but there are plenty of unusual hangover remedies in the world. From a little peculiar to absolutely revolting, these are some of the craziest hangover remedies from 25 different countries.



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The Scotts are famous for their drinking abilities. Obviously, they have to have good hangover remedies. One of the most popular is known as “A Fry Up.” It consists of bacon, eggs, sausages, beans, and tomatoes. It is usually washed down with a tall can of Irn-Bru, a century’s old carbonated hangover soft drink.



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Traditional hangover killer in Australia is Vegemit toast. Vegemit is a dark brown food paste made from leftover brewers’ yeast extract with various vegetable and spice additives.



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Though alcohol in Norway is more expensive than anywhere in the world, it doesn’t stop the Norwegians from getting drunk. As a cure to hangover, they use “Lutefisk“ – dried cod that has been soaked in lye, then steamed and served with butter.



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After drinking too much wine, the French usually sooth their upset bellies and heads with a strong onion soup, bread and cheese.



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In Haiti, hangover is cured in a unique way. Local drinkers use voodoo to cure the evils of alcohol. The Haitians insert 13 pins into the cork of the bottle that caused the hangover, ostensibly expelling the aches and nausea associated with excessive alcohol consumption.



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Bowl of spicy noodle soup is what usually cures hangover in Thailand. It comes in many forms. Yellow noodles, glass noodles, wide noodles. Noodles topped with beef, fish balls, pork, chicken, pigs blood or duck.



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The Chinese have many methods of fighting hangover. One of the most popular is a meal called “congee“. It is rice porridge but it takes on many variations throughout the country. You can add almost anything to your congee, from salted duck eggs and lettuce to various meats and mushrooms.



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After a big night out, the Peruvians usually eat fish stock with lime juice, lemon juice, garlic and ginger.



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Traditional Mongolian hangover remedy is only for the most rugged drinkers. Glass of tomato juice with a pickled sheep eyeball…Omg this sounds like a nightmare!



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When it comes to curing hangover, Germans are among the nations who trust the healing power of pickles and sour food. A Popular remedy in Germany is Rollmops – fillets of pickled herring wrapped around bits of gherkin and onion.



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Russians believe the best way to dry out from vodka saturation is with a sauna session and a beating with birch branches. Another cure is “Solyanka“ – a thick soup that contains a wide selection of smoked meat, chunks of beef, sundry vegetables (cabbage is almost always present), pickles, black olives, lemon slices, capers, sour cream and dill.



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Next to tripe soup made with garlic and onion, the Mexicans cure hangover with “vuelva a la vida“, (meaning “return to life“) which is a seafood cocktail mixed with tomato juice and vegetable salad “pico de gallo“.



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Next to relatively eatable remedies such as fried bread rubbed with a cut clove of garlic or strong broth, there is one hangover cure in Hungary that seems to be extremely disgusting. Sparrow droppings in brandy. Yes, you read that right.



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One of the most popular way to cure hangover in Poland is drinking pickle juice. It contains two ingredients that help turn the tide against a hangover – salt and sodium. When it hits your bloodstream, your body starts building up water, solving the dehydration problem.



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Canadian hangover remedy is one of the tastiest on this list. After a wild night full of alcohol, you will be served a bowl of thick-cut French-fries, with chunks of Canadian cheese curd, smothered in a savory gravy with fresh pepper corns.


Ancient Rome

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The ancient Romans had really original hangover remedy. After drinking too much alcohol, they ate deep-fried canary. We do not know whether the bird was beheaded and skinned or eaten whole, but everyone seems to agree that those crunchy bones were some of the best bites.



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Americans have many hangover remedies, differing with regions. While drinkers in the western coast prefer Prairie Oyster, others like Bloody Marys as their saving nectar. One of the nastiest cure used in USA as well as in the world though, is the pellet tea. In the Wild-west days, hangover cowboys made this “tea” out of rabbit droppings. Just take the pellets and steep them in hot water.



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The Vietnamese are convinced that grind rhino horns mixed with hot water helps to cure not only hangover but almost everything else from allergies to cancer. As a result, the demand for rhino horns is so high that those amazing creatures are being poached at insane numbers. Although repetitive scientific researches have proven that rhino horns do not heal anything, some Asian nations still believe this myth and the illegal market for rhino horns still flourish. Hopefully not for long.


Czech Republic

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The Czechs are notable for their wild drinking parties and they have many recipes how to cope with the uncomfortable effects of such parties. One of the most common hangover remedy in Czech Republic is pickled gherkins and sausages called “utopenci“ for breakfast.



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Turkish drinkers heal hangover with tripe soup – a thick soup made with tripe or the eatable stomach of livestock and then cooked with garlic and cream. The tripe is boiled and the steaming offal soup is known for both preventing and curing a massive hangover.



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Eggs have been thought to ease the next-day pain of overdrinking, but if you get drunk in Phillipines, you are advised to eat a poached, fertilized duck embryo called “balut“. This specialty is also common in countries in Southeast Asia, such as Laos, Cambodia or Vietnam.



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Traditional way of soothing hangover in Sicily can seem to be one of the craziest. Believe it or not, a dried bull’s penis is the traditional snack of choice for hung-over Sicilians.



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Drinkers in this Asian country fight hangover with coconut water. Coconut water has high potassium content and contains many helpful ingredients such as antioxidants, ascorbic acids, magnesium and cytokinins, which promote plant cell division and growth.



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The most popular hangover remedy in Japan is “umeboshi“ – pickled, dried fruit Prunus mume (commonly known as Chinese plum or Japanese apricot). The thing is umeboshi is not pickled the way we think. It is extremely sour, to the point of puckering.



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If you happen to get drunk in this African country, the locals will probably serve you a mixture of clotted cream, dark rum, spiced rum, cream liqueur, and whole cream. The remedy is called “Buffalo milk”.

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