25 Crazy Facts About Your Eyes

“The eyes are the windows to the soul” as one well known saying goes. However, there’s just more to the eyes than, well, meets the eye. They allow us to see, first and foremost, as well as allow us to distinguish shapes and sizes at first glance (literally). They also help us recognize our friends and our loved ones. What your eyes do isn’t just limited to these though; so here are 25 crazy facts about your eyes.

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Everybody gets cataracts as they get older

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You could think of cataracts as having similarities to getting gray hair in that it’s just a normal, natural change as you age. The average age people first get cataracts is around 70 years old.


Diabetes is often first detected during an eye exam

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Those who suffer from type 2 diabetes are often symptom-free, meaning they don’t even know that they’ve got it. This type of diabetes is normally picked up during eye exams as it could be seen as small haemorrhages from leaking blood vessels at the back of the eye.


You see with your brain, not your eyes

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This may sound obvious but many times blurry or poor vision isn’t caused by the eye at all. The poor vision stems from something going wrong in the visual cortex of the brain. There’s a lot that can go wrong with the ocular system.


Your eyes can adapt to blind spots

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Specific eye conditions (e.g. glaucoma) could lead to blind spots in your vision. This can prove to be immensely debilitating if it wasn’t for the brain and the eyes abilities to adapt, making such blind spots disappear, similar to the way it adjusts the upside down vision we mentioned earlier. It does this by “suppressing” the blind spot in your affected eye and allowing your good eye to fill in any “blanks.”


20/20 vision is not the best vision

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In a typical eye test chart, 20/20 vision is the line that’s second from the bottom. The line that’s below it is even smaller and if you can see it, this means you have 20/16 vision. The best recorded human vision, however, was 20/8 which means you could see what normal people see at 8 feet at 20 feet.

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