25 Crazy Facts About Planet Earth That Will Boggle Your Mind

Can you name the longest mountain range on Earth? How about the shape of the Earth? It’s a sphere right? The answers to some of these questions might surprise you. Here are 25 Crazy Facts About Planet Earth That Will Boggle Your Mind.

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Constructed from millions of tiny polyps, coral reefs are the largest living structures on Earth, some even visible from space.

coral reefwikipedia

They also contain the highest density of life on the planet, even more than rainforests.

coral reefhttp://www.flickr.com/photos/harshlight/3772701285/

If gold dust in your ocean water isn't cool enough for you then consider this, everyday about 100 tons of interplanetary material fall down onto Earth's surface primarily from the ice of comets as it vaporizes near the sun.


Just to leave you with some parting food for thought, the pacific basin contains half of the free water on Earth and could hold all of the world's continents.

pacific oceangoogle earth

And one more thing. The largest single living thing (apart from reefs constructed of multiople polyps) was a mushroom fungus in Oregon that grew to 2,200 acres. Good luck sleeping tonight.


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